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Martyr Symbiosis is bugged, I dont die


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Dont know if this is a bug or a feature but there are instances that I dont die while I have Martyr Symbiosis.

What happens is that every time my life reaches 0, its effect normally happens so my vulpa dies and I gain the stacks back. the bug is even though my vulpa already is in its larva stage I still keep getting that health back everytime my life reaches 0 so technically Im immortal. Im in steel path already and im just standing there taking hits from enemies and I dont die.

technically this is a cool bug but its frustrating as nekros cuz I need to turn on my 3rd everytime.

dont know how to trigger this though, I have rejuvenation and hunter recovery(using a panzer vulpa with its quills) btw. i dont know if one of those mods could trigger it.

update: tried replicating it and I could not. someone might be lucky to replicate it

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