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Deimos: (Arcana) Isolation Vault bugs


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Hey there!

Sadly, theres currently just a big bugfest happening in the Vault Bounties which makes it technically unplayable.

Normal ISO Vault:
- Start bounty
- Go to located area (bait station)
- Bait station gets stuck > nothing happening (happens like 3-4 times every 10 runs), had to abandon the whole run because we couldnt abandon the actual bounty.

Arcana ISO Vault:
- Fissures still break (Station doesnt spawn, sometimes still wont spawn all the enemies (fissure just opens up again due to no enemies to kill)).
- Jugger pathfinding messed up, stops moving and gets stuck (Nova wormhole wont fix it either).
- Stepping on the flowers (forgot the actual name) bugged, sometimes the station wont spawn where you put the battery in.
- Enemies stop spawning on "kill enemies in the area" to fill up the 25-45 baits (happend once only).

All of those infos were gatherd AFTER the recent hotfix.



Cant even farm the new weapons without building up anxiety of having to restart like 90% of the time. :crylaugh:

Thanks in advance!


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