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Tenno customization


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Hi Tennos,

Like many of you I like to cutomize my warframe, tenno, dojo, etc.

With the new twitch prime offers I wanted to change how my tenno look and I noticed 2 things.

The first is how we can equip multiple facial parts.



So here we have items for :
-the top of the head
- the forehead
- the eyes
- the bottom of the face

However we can't equip them all at once. For the cognitive relay + vayas prime diadem, it makes sense because these items are on each other. For the ki'teer diadem too. But why for example the cogna mask can't be used with the others ? or the star child diadem ?

Anyway, none of these show on my tenno face with the bishamo helmet, opened or closed.


If I close it, the vayas prime mask disappear even if the bottom of my face is visible.


if I open it, it appear back but I can't equip any facial accessories even if the vayas prime diadem would be perfectly visible.


For a reason, it works with the emissary hood (opened).

The vayas prime mask which is... for the mouth is in the eyes accessories. The cogna mask which is for the mouth is in the facial accessories. With items mostly for the forehead, sometimes for the eyes.

I think there is some mess to fix there :D


Also, now that we have female and male versions of an armor with the bishamo, it would be nice to have customization slots for the face also to be able to change our gender at will (if we prefer one version of the armor to the other for example). I do enjoy both but I would like to be able to easily switch from one to the other without loosing my pretty face all the time.

Finally, last but not least, the possibility to buy more customization (A, B, C) slots was added for warframes. We have a lot of warframes however we only have one tenno so he could be the one we would like to customize the more often and we can't do that with him. Please I want to spend my platinums.

Thanks for reading me Tennos and have fun




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