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Can I find a missing Tenno here?



Okay I been waiting for this fellow Tenno I saw on Warframe Market to come online so I can buy from him. If any of you guys happens to know a Tenno called [dailyfreegiving] please help me reach out to him. THANKS!


Also please do leave a contact information on your profile if you are trying to sell something on WM or RM my Tenno brothers and sisters! 

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Hi there  @Antibunny
If you are looking for a certain player here in the Forums, you can use the search-function!
Just select the correct option, in your case "Members", and type in the name. The player should show up if they have a Forum-Account:



*magical gestures* What a wonderful thing to have :)
Takes a few seconds, annnnd there you go: https://forums.warframe.com/profile/5379780-dailyfreegiving/
Afterwards you can send him a private message. Or add them in-game as a friend (best use a small notification text when adding them, so they know how/why)

Hope this helps! (I will just ignore the rest...because krc473 already said enough about it~)

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