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How do we get back the *spoiler*


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It doesn't make any sense, but i'm sure DE will humanize it somehow to give it some redemption or whatever. Then it will, of course, save the universe cause it's a sentient but has feelings, and with the power of love and friendship all the sentient blow up/get feelings/go inert or something like that.

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The New War has yet to be started...

The last New War mini quests "Chimera Prologue" released in october 2018 and "Erra" released in December 2019 and the trailer are kinda old by now.
And I doubt you can say that Scarlet Spear (March 2020) had any usefull progress or lore. And since it was an one time event (so far) I wouldn't even consider it to be a real part of the main story questline.

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24 minutes ago, Dark_Lugia said:

And I doubt you can say that Scarlet Spear (March 2020) had any usefull progress or lore

1: 'Erra' is not who he says he is. Erra dies during the old war, the host of his central mind blasted by six Tenno worth of void beams simultaneously.

2: 'Erra' is violently abusive, and lying to Lotus about things, making him an unreliable narrator. From there, it can be assumed any and all information that we get from him is misleading at best.

2.5: Most of the stuff we've heard from Natah about her Orokin Brainwashing has been from Erra, since he 'reminds' her about it during the Erra cinematic. So in accordance with point 2 proper, we can assume this is at best misleading, and likely it can be disregarded until a more trustworthy source confirms it.

3: Ballas has ALSO been lying to us since Chimera, pretending to be in servitude to Erra. He may also be an imposter like Erra - or indeed, the one in Chimera may be the real one, and the Erra cinematic one an imposter, or vice versa.

4: If everything that's been told to us since Apostasy can be disregarded, or held in intense scrutiny, then that also includes the statement that the Orokin brainwashed Natah to make Lotus. In turn, that means that Lotus's defection was, in fact, legitimate. This is supported by Hunhow's statements "They will say you are riven, they will try to reclaim you."

5: Erra and Ballas know the Jig is up, and drop the act. When Lotus questions Erra a third time, he throws her into a device, but it can be seen that he put his hand on her shoulder, in preparation to do that before doing so.

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vor 8 Minuten schrieb Ailia_Grimm:

Welp, last time, I said that if someone said this again I had to slap them

Tell me where you live!

Currently in the Grind Hell of Deimos.
More precisely i´m stuck there, literally. And i can't move .-.
Pls slap me free. (But you have to find a way to me since invites ain't working)



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