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Thermia Fractures "event" / steel changes


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It's hard for me to even call this an event. finished it last time it came around and almost died of boredom...honest question, does D.E actually believe that ANYONE enjoyed this? I think you guys should dial the fractures event back a little bit. 1) like i said, nobody enjoys it, 2)it's the very definition of brainless repetitive content,  3)once you have completed it there's virtually no reason to want to do it again and yet the event is around all the time, why? do you guys realize energize/grace prices are thru the roof? if you're going to bring events around that are total stinkers at least make the rewards worthwhile, maybe bring around scarlet spear sometime soon? More importantly fix the fractures event, is this the kind of content you want new players to be experiencing constantly? It seems that way but I would certainly hope not...

Onto the steel changes. I absolutely hate them. Rivens were one of the few things i enjoyed messing with still in this game and the old way of farming steel actually made it (somewhat) worthwhile, now that it's gone i've been struggling to find a reason to even play the game. Rivens are in a really bad spot right now, the RNG/ roll pool is absolutely atrocious. 

I have no numbers or evidence to back this up, but I gotta think warframe is riding a serious low in terms of player and viewer interest. And it's only going to get worse as cyberpunk and other next gen games start to release. D.E you guys are digging your grave much sooner than it needs to be dug. 

Another piece of advice for warframe/dev teams:


you guys have a long history of nerfing things just because they are good. How have you guys not learned by now that this a backwards approach? It's a co-op power fantasy let's start acting like it, ey? The game has become so bloated with useless fodder items and yet somehow you guys always choose to focus on changing the stuff that people actually use and enjoy. You don't respect the time that players put in when you go in and trash their favorite stuff. For me personally it's why i chose to not spend any more money on the game. Not going to invest a bunch of time/forma/plat into builds that are just going to be nerfed. 

I'm sure this will all fall on deaf ears like it has been for years, but at least i tried. One last comment I'd like to throw in as someone who was MR24 years ago on xbox and had every frame/weapon in the game, over 20k plat and just about every skin i wanted, i quit playing for a couple years and switched over to p.c a few months ago:

The fact that this game has been in development for going on 10 years and you guys still haven't managed to pull off cross save is impressively bad. You guys have been pedaling this excuse of "it's too hard to do" but anyone with a brain can see right thru it. There is only 1 reason cross save hasn't been implemented yet and that's because you don't want to. The fact of the matter is the game is too progression based and you guys would lose money not only on the development side but on the end user side as well, obviously not as much money would be spent if you guys didn't take countless hours of grinding and throw them down the toilet just because someone wanted to switch platforms. Just be transparent about it though and say the real reason. Imagine being that far progressed into a progression based game and being told "sorry junior you gotta restart because we still havent figured out cross save 10 years later" The daily reward system only compounds this issue. The login system is beyond repulsive;

New to warframe? no problem! start today and 4 years from now you can have all your daily rewards! (the ones you already had on xbox) HAH!, what a joke. Think about how utterly bad and useless this system is particularly for new players (the ones you guys rely on so heavily, since you have such difficulty with player retention)

Just some food for thought D.E...from the outside looking in, it seems like you guys are way more comfortable than you should be at this stage of the game, As someone who still enjoys the game (somewhat) please get on it, start giving players a reason to invest into the game rather being scared to. Start giving "retired" players a reason to come back rather than giving them ammunition to laugh at you as you continue to make the same mistakes that have been made for years. It's not too late to "save" the game but it's going to take alot of work and a entirely different perspective/attitude adjustment. 

That's all I got, d.e, do with it what you will...

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The only thing I will say about the Thermia Fractures event is that, as a relatively new player, I used it yesterday to get my Hildryn parts (needing the items from the fractures to fight the Exploiter).

I don't know the in-game logic to it (where the event originated), but I can't really see myself doing much more with it, unless I somehow want a 2nd Hildryn down the line.  I'm at 13/100 fractures sealed, and I don't think I want to do 87 more to get the blueprint, though it's supposedly a good weapon.  It just seems a lot of effort and time for little reward.  Though it did seem good xp for leveling my Voidrig.

As for cross-save/play/accounts - I have a PS4 account from 2014 that I'd love to merge with my 90 day old PC account.  I don't even care about the plat as I understand why that can't be moved.  But I do have a couple vaulted primes I'd love to move over, and I have zero interest in playing on my PS4 or buying a PS5.  I did play briefly on PS4 (like 1 weekend) when I wanted to play WF again, and then immediately created a PC account.  It was very noticeable that there was a big player increase moving to PC.  I would not want to play with the smaller player pool again.  But I'd love my inventory moved over/merged with my PC account.

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