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Digital Extremes Have Answer Our Call For Fair Choice!


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Won't change a thing. Grineer will win the War. Big clans are already commited to Grineer as are the majority of players thanks to DE's screwed up Battle Pay from the start.


Alot have 100 missions already and only do 5 more missions per new battle regardless the side for the best Battle pay, mostly the corpus players because they don't see any point in competing against the masses of Grineer puppets, which on the other hand just wan't to finish it in their favor.


In the end DE made the War.. not the players choice as promised.

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A little late, but better late than never, right?

Its too late for it. People who were undecided when the even start went straight to Grineer cause of the catalyst. This so called fair choice is nothing but a farce to something DE has had planed from the get go.

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