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Warframe Pumpkin Carving Contest!


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It’s that time of the year Tenno: Halloween approaches!


With Halloween around the corner, we want to put your real-life carving skills to the test. Sharpen your knives and fire up the power tools...it’s a Warframe Pumpkin Carving Contest!


Step 1) Obtain a pumpkin (or gourd equivalent)!

Step 2) Carve your Warframe related Pumpkin! OR draw a Warframe related image ON A Pumpkin.

Step 3) Submit the photo of your Pumpkin to this thread!


Examples: Carve the pumpkin to resemble Captain Vor, a Warframe, a favorite scene, a Sentinel, or anything Warframe! If you’re afraid of knives, feel free to draw/paint on the Pumpkin!


NOTE: If you cannot acquire a pumpkin, we will accept carved Gourds!



One submission per player

Multiple pumpkins/gourds in one photo are allowed

No photoshop to enhance image

Must be Warframe related

No joint submissions. (If 2 players carve a Pumpkin together, only one player can submit it)

No “Reserved” posts allowed

*Only post submissions in this thread

*You must include your alias IN the picture



Top 5 pumpkin-artists will receive 1000 Platinum each!


The contest starts on Friday October 25th at 12Pm EDT and closes Thursday October 31st at 12PM EDT!


Remember: Do NOT reserve posts in this thread – they will be deleted.


Happy carving Tenno!

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Posted · Hidden by [DE]Megan, October 26, 2013 - cleanup
Hidden by [DE]Megan, October 26, 2013 - cleanup

Back to the pumpkin patch for me! Already carved my standard ol' Jack O' Lantern for the year.


As if I could draw the WF Lotus Emblem on anything to save my life, LOLOLOLOL.


Looking forward to seeing the entries. If they are half as creative as the Pin the Grineer, we are in for a real Trick!  I mean, TREAT!!!

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