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inoperative special,attack,and shoot after completing a round in survival,void fissure missions,or anything else that is associated with rounds


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I am not sure if anybody else experiences this,But I would frequently have this bug where I Would complete a round,"whether in survival,void fissure missions, etc", where after that round it will not allow me to use anything having to do with my any of my weapons,or abilities,except for anything having to associate with default X abilities,movement and jump,I cant even pick up any items that is needed to power generators in stuff like excavation, I am using the Gauss War frame,and I would love if any one can look at this for me, I'm a beginner and only have Gauss level  30 and Mag level 29 as my acquired war frames as of Tuesday November 24th 2020. it seems to only fix itself where something happens to reset the server,like host migration.

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