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Khora Whipclaw feedback

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On 2021-02-19 at 9:55 AM, SinisterLaugh said:

I mean, if you even play Khora for a little bit with a correctly attuned build you can clearly see that she excels in every single way from defence to offense to crowd control and as well as healing yourself and others and there is simply no match to her. Most of statements made in this thread are bias and that bias is what is this thread built upon. I myself used Khora extensively after seeing video of her from the time when she was released and after slightly attuning the build that the person used in the video I would consistently do 98% damage in full squad in any mission ever and I wouldn't die. People often asked for build and wondered how is it that  I don't die but all I did was spam 1 while looking for red dots on mini map since I know majority of tile sets and where to whip. So yes ,the change is clearly justified even in my eyes regardless of someone scripting afk for hours. 

Did you even read the thread? Literally not a single person is complaining about not being able to afk farm.  Infact most people here are in favor of a nerf. A proper nerf.  The complaint is that they implemented a system that makes her 1 completely miss in some situations due to strange hit detection with the environment.  It doesn't matter that you've used Khora extensively or that you do 98% of the damage in a full squad.  She will STILL do that amount now.  

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