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NIghtwaves : 5th clue for 5th puzzle not spawning


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Hi, I have solved 1-4 out of 5 puzzle sets for The Glassmaker. For the 5th Puzzle, I have located 4 out of 5 clues but the 5th clue has not spawned for me. Reason I say this - I have spent HOURS looking, checked 7 Youtube guides for locations but have not seen the last clue.

Can you please tell me what should i do :( . Am stuck at this last one.

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I hope that if they decide to do this again, that after a certain amount of time, like 5 to 6 minutes. If you haven't found what you're supposed to be looking for, the pings start actually giving you some kind of indication on where to go. 

Or the objects start acquiring a subtle glow in your energy color or something. That gets brighter and brighter as you get closer to it, or something. 

Anything to help you find these things. 

As a follow up: I found what I was looking for too. After three more attempts and a couple of hours. 

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