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Very Unhappy with DE Right Now


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A few days ago I gave up on my Xbox Warframe Account. Due to not being able to connect with other players because of bugs and when I could, disconnecting during the middle of missions, I couldn't handle the frustration any longer. This was the main problem I had with Xbox along with a whole host of other bugs that I reported to DE. Soooo I made the very difficult decision to switch to the PC. I don't regret this decision, but when switching, I asked DE if they could at least offer me the platinum pack, that I had already bought on Xbox, at a discount on PC. I think it's fair considering it's something I already payed for and either way they are making more money. The response I got didn't even acknowledge my question. They pretty much said, "Sorry, you can't transfer your xbox account to PC". YEEAHHH! I know!!! Because I'm losing everything. All the progress. All my weapons. All my warframes. Technically, not lost. Just unusable.. at least till they improve the xbox version of warframe. So I'm starting over. I'm sure I'm not the first player to have to go through this. If DE would help out paying players who have to go through this tough transition, in the long-run they would make more money. Because I definitely won't be paying full price for the same pack that I already bought. For everyone one else who has to go through this, I feel for you and know it's hard. For everyone who is thinking about playing Warframe on the Xbox.. take your controller and plug it into your computer. It will save you a lot of heartache!

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