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Aquired a second discount coupon from daily tribute before the current coupon had expired, it was not possible to use it


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I resumed the game from sleep mode earlier on Tuesday to remind myself how much time was left on the current 50% off coupon, it was at something like 20 hrs left.

I reset the game to check on that Tuesday's Warframe stream drop, and was lucky enough to roll another 50% off coupon from the daily tribute.

As I check my wishlist for possible things to use my coupon on, I notice the time has indeed ticked down appropriately from the 20 or so hrs remaining, nothing out of the ordinary. But after I redeemed the coupon on an item, no secondary coupon was awaiting me. Even after a game reset.


Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this feels incorrect. At the very least, the second coupon should reset the expiration timer. Not to mention, the possible scenario where the daily tribute was a better value coupon (75% off, for example) that would be more desirable to the customer, it seems like it would currently just disappear.

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