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Small Changes and QoL for Nezha


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As of late seems like DE is trying to fix a abilities that will often be replaced with the helminth abilities, so in case of nezha it is either his 1 or his 4.

First off let me tell you about the horrors of using nezha damage buff (his 2), it is so finicky and unreliable if you have more than one target! it is extremely hard to hit hordes even IF you have something to clump them all up the chakram will still not hit them all, it will hit like 3! and the charged version has such a narrow and small hitbox that i don't even bother, also his teleportation power is let's say it does nothing and has bad usability to say the least!

And let me tell you how i would fix all these problems!

While his 1 is active every time you use his 2  and hit an enemy it will have an AOE 5m (scaling with range) effect trigger which will get all enemies affected by the chakram mark!

Additionally Charge attack will have it's HITBOX changed to be much bigger, ofc this would need a bigger ring effect aswell, so something around a 3m diameter circle should do and ofc with the AOE effect on hit aswel if his first ability is active. Additionally if one is to teleport to the chakram it will have a 10m (scaling with range) AOE effect blast that will affect all enemies with chakram dmg buff IF the first ability is active.

*as a side not if you use the charged version and it hits the max range and starts coming back and then u try teleporting to it, it should teleport you to where the max range was (right now it just won't let you teleport if it happens which is so so SO infuriating because u can't use the ability effectively).*

Now for his 4 the problem is how bad the movement of chakram is, if the enemies have any sort of elevation difference (which we have tons of) the chakrams will simply not hit reliably.

Solution: when using his 4 we won't spawn additional physical chakrams but we will spawn sort of phantom chakrams which don't have a hitbox and will go direct line between enemies without hitting any terrain, this way his 2+4 combo will be MUCH more effective and ofc if the 1 is also active all chakram or phantom chakram hits will also have the AOE effect.


If you have any ideas feel free to also mention them, all of the changes i mentioned will technically give nezha no additional power just more reliability and synergies in his kit.


Edit: i just noticed i wasn't on warframe section my bad.

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As a loyal Nezha main I must admit there are definitely warframes that need to be looked at way more than Nezha atm but I do appreciate all the love he gets

OP is right on his 1 being the most easy to replace (not sure about the 4 due to synergy with his 2) and with how unreliable his 2 can be on its own
(these changes don't really need to happen but that being said there is still no reason for them to not be a thing UwU).

  • Make Firewalker even more fun.

-Firewalker is by no means a bad ability, it procs lots of heat and it does decent crowd control and is just really fun overall but that's about it, so lets just make it even more fun so people wont want to replace it even when better abilities from Heminth exist 🙂: give Nezha increased bullet-jump velocity while the ability is active if anything to just be more true to the mythical nature of his Wind-Fire wheels.

  • Make his 2 more reliable.

-Currently his 2 has an infamous tendency to hit one enemy and fly off to a different node on the star-chart instead of properly seeking out enemies so lets either give it a wide flame belt to increase the AoE while using the charged version and allow it to bounce infinitely during uncharged throws until it travels its complete distance of 30 meters (scaling with ability range) just to give it more chances to actually hit enemies
-As of right now when using a melee heavy attack while the chakram is mid air it prevents you from doing a heavy and instead returns the chackram to Nezha, honestly idk why this exists, the chakram already moves fast enough as is, why would i ever want it to come back to me sooner? lets just replace this random piece of useless utility and let the chakram cause a 5 meter AoE explosion (like what glaives do) that applies the damage vulnerability and heat proc to enemies hit by it at the end of its journey before it decides to return (bigger boomboom for charged throws).

  • Make Divine spears more badass.

-His Divine Spears are a great ability but only if they are synergizing with Blazing Chakram otherwise they are just an "OK" CC ability on a warframe that already  has a less costly CC ability. Lets just allow his Divine spears to be a duration based ability that instantly impales enemies when they enter into a 10 meter range of Nezha for its 12 seconds duration staying impaled for 7 seconds after Nezha leaves their vicinity just so that we can feel like absolute badarses while we walk around the map impaling enemies left and right, and this allows an average performing CC ability to become one of the most reliable forms of Crowd control in the game.

If these changes seem too strong to you then do keep in mind all of these abilities still have much stronger alternatives on other warframes,
Nezha has never been number 1 or even number 2 at anything, he's an all rounder that isn't ever a bad choice but also never the best choice (unless you're like me and simp real hard for his deluxe booty.)

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