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So you can name your Limbo (prime) Volt?
... that would be hilarious for group-play!

Imagine recruiting X-frame with high range but you get Limbo... with high range.

Joking aside it's nice idea. It makes immersion easier.

ps. don't forget about other companions, like Carrier prime

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Renaming frames, its either be a good or bad. 

Atlas -> Dwayne Johnson
Chroma -> Dovaahkin
Ember -> ChickenonFire
Frost -> FunniGlobe
Gara -> Obsidian
Gauss -> Faest
Grendel -> EAT
Hildryn -> Zarya
Hydroid -> Puddleman
Limbo -> DIO
Mesa -> YeeHaw
Nova -> BestCommunity
Oberon -> PalaDruidGoatCow
Octavia -> TooOPplesNerf
Revenant -> Vampiregas
Rhino -> Armourgothicc
Saryn -> Toxicgameplay
Trin -> EVples
Valkyr -> AngryKatlady
Vauban -> FrenchEngineer
Wukong -> Monkistronk

im bad at explaining frames so this is what i can summarise if one asked me what kind of frame they refering to, idk how others gonna name theirs

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I'd name my frames based on my opinion of them.

Saryn: Broken Nuke Pls Nerf
Mesa: Broken Nuke Pls Nerf
Ember: Broken Nuke Pls Nerf
Revenant: GOD Also Pls Fix Thralls
Equinox: Broken Nuke Pls Nerf
Volt: Broken Nuke Pls Nerf
Nidus: Also GOD
Loki: Actual God
Hydroid: Haha Pee Puddleframe
Rhino: Index Only
Valkyr: She Scared of Pickle

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