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Chill and Relaxed European Clan for PS5 and PS4 players / all peacefull players are welcome

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If you are looking for a chill and relaxing psn Community to play with, than Triglav is the Clan for you 👾
A 85 player Clan with at leased 10 or more players active at any time. Our player base plays at Central Europe 🥨 time zones, so thats when you can expect most activity. Linguistically we are German and English speaking.

But Long live all Nations, so we accept anyone, as long as they come with peacefull intentions.

We have researched all Dojo Weapons and Gear 💯%, and we plan to keep researching future weapons for Completionists.
If you are a Veteran in Warframe you will feel at home🍻, and new players will find helpfull and experienced comrades to play with.
Our Dojo rooms are well-organized and beautifully decorated🎑, and yes we accept architects.

We have a five month membership for new players, that can be upgraded to an infinite membership if you contribute to Clan research.
Members get Research access after reading the Clan Rules in the Dojo. The 3 rules in short are >Trade Fairly<, >Give Fair Help<, and >Maintain a Peacefull Atmosphere<
For a membership Invite - plase send a message to PSN:   Wolf_von_Saturn       or contact any existing member on Warframe PSN
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