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Normal Gara's glass textures (and those of her signature weapons)


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Just a small request/idea/piece of feedback (I guess): Gara Deluxe came with (significantly) improved glass textures. What about upgrading those same textures on normal Gara or at least on her signature weapons (Astilla, Fusilai and Volnus)?

Or are we selling graphical upgrades now?

Joking, of course. 😉I just figured, with all the graphical upgrades the game is receiving currently (and will get in the future, I suppose), it would be a good thing to consider improving Gara's glass textures, too. Can't be that hard, right? I hope?


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3 minutes ago, AndrejDelaney said:

No objections here. On the other hand, Gara deluxe does come with a "glassy" sword skin, so that would solve that problem.

The Rephrax sword skin that comes in the Gara Kaleida deluxe bundle only applies to normal swords, not "heavy blades" like the Vitrica.

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