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Bonewidow Exalted and Various other Bugs


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I'm fairly sure that a lot of people have experienced this already; I tried to search for anything in the forums about it, yet nothing.

So, the exalted blade straight up does not work for a majority of the time. I find that reactivating Shield Maiden sometimes makes it work, or reactivating the exalted blade makes it work, too. Sometimes when activating it, the blade isn't there, or when it is there, it won't swing (for a lack of better terms); and few times when it is activated and working, it stops working suddenly. I know that there isn't anything on our end to try to fix it, I only wanted to bring attention to these issues. 

Also, on a side note, when falling from a height, or performing slam attacks with or without the Ironbride, it takes longer for the reset animation before I am able to continue (as opposed to the Necramech's reset animation being much quicker.)

Another side note, I experienced last night, when playing in match-making my necramech would completely disappear save for the capsule. I don't know if this issue has been addressed before.

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I just wanted to add that after tonight's update, a few of my freinds and myself were doing thermia fractures to work on forma'ing the new gundam & we all noticed that none of the mods that we had in the exalted sword had actually applied in mission (it was doing the very low base damage & no elemental) and none of our colors applied to it in appearance tab shows up in mission (it just had its default colors)... although the bug where you have to do a dash/sword bash to get the sword to actually work seems to be gone now.


ETA had also the rest of the mech disapear except for the corn cob bug happen twice, and the warframe gone, get stuck in your operator one happen once. the latter hasn't happened to me since deimos launch.

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