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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.4

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On 2020-11-27 at 2:43 AM, parttimeparty said:

Just spent all my Steel Essence rolling rivens. After hundreds of rolls. Dozens of hours wasted. Shocker. I ended up with a roll I hate. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of gambling.

slot machines casino GIF by truTV’s Adam Ruins Everything

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3 hours ago, parttimeparty said:

And the house always wins, right? But I guess in this case the house is the devs. What do you think they win exactly?

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Rivens are directly related to the sale and trade of platinum. Platinum is the bread and butter of Warframe's financial plan.

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Cant remember if I put this in here but this hotfix broke the mod "cautious shot." 

As far as I can tell its broken for all explosive weapons, but its really bad with the ogris.

Its super super annoying, especially with the new primed mods released today.

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