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Weapon Concept - Tokomak Spear gun


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Simply put I want a speargun that interacts with Glaive and Secondary dual wielding.

Rough ideas thus far

Primary fire

 a very short range wide angle blast using Shot gun mods. Think Arcaplasmors slower, thiccer cousin. It would be very high status, but slow firing. No crit to speak of but very high base damage, likely  50/50 Radiation and Magnetic. Accuracy would be fairly low and effective range would be very low. Like just between 10 and 15m low. Accuracy being low would have a positive impact on multishot projectiles. Think spread gun. It would have Infinite punch through versus bodies and knock back similar to how Operator Void Blast functions. If it doesnt kill what it hits it yeets it backwards. The main use of Tokomak's primary fire is as a get off me button. It should have high enough damage to function for ad clear and a big enough area of effect to hit everything in front of you. The base damage types are not meta, no, but its based on the Tokomak thermonuclear fusion device. It fits, shut up. 

Secondary Fire

Throw the spear and create a chilling zone that deals cold damage and  cold procs. When a Tenno fires into the field it does a Mag and rapidly spins the bullets inside the field adding Radiation and Magnetic damage on top of the bullets existing damage . When a thrown glaive enters the field it also spins around and  pulls enemies enemies into range. All the usual modded effects apply for the glaive it jusy stays in flight while the field is deployed. Detonating the glaive returns it like usual. The speargun itself recalls after 30 seconds. 

With the Glaive rework Id really love to see DE make more of my favorite primary class. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome!

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