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I actually think the Helminth idea is really great. The fact that you can basically take a frame's ability and put it on another frame sounds appealing. But, there's two major problems I found out with this.
1. You can only extract certain abilities from the frames.
2. You can only have one extracted ability per loadout on a frame.

This limits a lot the potential and the hype for the helminth because I think that letting people make their own frames, would make the game more interesting to everyone, because everyone would be pleased by their frame.

As an exemple, I personally like Rhino's charge, volt thunder attack, ember's fireball and Frost's freeze. And I would like to put all those abilities on a Vauban prime because I like the look of the frame. If we could do what I'm proposing, I could create a character I would love to play with. But right now, since not only most of the abilities I named are not even passable via the helminth, but we can only have one ability at a time so it's kinda less appealing.


Btw, sorry everyone for my writting mistakes, english is my second language so I'm still learning how it works.

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