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You can get into the vehicle preview room normally accessible only in the Arsenal.


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This doesn't seem to fit in any of the subforums. Please correct me if one is applicable.

How to:

  1. In the Arsenal, switch to the Vehicles tab.
  2. Preview your archwing (or the gun or melee).
    • This will happen by default, no action required. The point is that this moves your warframe to this vehicle preview room.
  3. Hover over any of these equipped items: K-Drive, Necramech, Necramech's equipped archgun, or Necramech's Exalted weapon.
  4. Switch to the Companions tab, without hovering over any of your archwing equipment along the way. You must switch directly from previewing your K-Drive or Necramech over to the Companion tab.
    • This is important for two reasons:
    1. Pressing Escape (or the Exit button) from the Vehicles tab sends you to the Warframe tab before you can actually exit the arsenal, but this is not the case for the Companion or Gear tabs.
    2. Switching to the Companion tab does not reload or move your warframe from the vehicle room.
  5. Exit the Arsenal (press Escape or the Exit button at the bottom right, either will work).

And now you're stuck in the vehicle room, with nowhere to go and nothing to interact with. Luckily you can still access the menu and jump to a console/segment as you please, so no harm done.


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