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Warframe Concepts


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 Warframe Concepts

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(More coming soon)


Name: Volcanis

Idea & Origin: Volcano & Lava



  • HP: 300 - 550 LvL 30
  • Shield: 250 - 375 LvL 30
  • Armor: 350
  • Energy: 300 - 450 LvL 30


  1. Magmine: On tap Volcanis sets a ball of molten lava down that explodes when enemies come within a radius of the magmine. On hold Volcanis plants down a magmine that explodes multiple times when enemies pass by; its takes 7-3 seconds for the mine to recharge before exploding again. When the mines explode, it splatters hot lava onto enemies dealing 300-1500 burn damage and melting 15-25% of their armor over time turning the melted armor into 3 stacks of lava chunks. (50 tap 80 charge) (LvL 1: 100-500 heat dmg /// LvL 2: 500-1000 heat dmg /// LvL 3: 1,000-1,500 heat dmg /// Adding stacks of lava increases the heat damage by 11%) (applies lava chunk)
  2. Volcanic Ash: On tap, Volcanis spews out a cloud of volcanic ash dealing heat damage and slowing enemies that are in and pass through it by 15% while reducing their accuracy by 35%. (Tap on 35 Drain 15) (LvL 1: 100-250 heat dmg /// LvL 2: 200-350 heat dmg /// LvL 3: 300-500 heat dmg) (does not apply lava chunk)
  3. TBN: Volcanis starts to heat up his body heat from within, melting any bonus armor generated from his passive; any enemies that come into contact with him has a chunk of lava stuck to them that deals damage over time while melting their armor. If Volcanis has no armor then the range of his next ability cast is increased by 10-20%. (This ability generates 0 armor.) (Tap on 55 Drain 12) (LvL 1: 10% range increase /// LvL 2: 15% range increase /// LvL 3: 20% range increase.) (For every 10 armor there is 1 lava chunk) (applies lava chunk if above 10 armor)
  4. Eruption: Volcanis spews out hot lava into the sky which then rains down creating lava pools like the Tar Mutalist MOA. Enemies that walk into the lava become slowed by 50% and receive a stack of lava dealing the heat and armor damage over time. (On cast 125) (LvL 1: 2 Lava pools /// LvL 2: 3 Lava pools /// LvL 3: 5 Lava pools) (applies lava chunk)

Passive Ability

  • Molten Core: Volcanis’ body leaks out hot lava with the use of abilities which then cool and create armor for him. (50-300 armor)

Explanation of abilities and how they work:

  • The lava chunks stack like status procs and deal heat damage. The heat damage increases per stack by 11% (Max stacks is 10) meanwhile the armor melting stays the same (15-25%% reduction.) (This affects abilities 1 (Magmine), 3 (TBN), 4 (Eruption).
  • The magmine will be a floating ball of laval with some small detail making it look like a naval mine. When enemies come within 8 meters of the ball it slowly gravitates in their direction and when its within 3m it explodes in a 5m radius.
  • The volcanic ash emits from the warframe’s maw before pooling out 6m in front of him making a 15m radius area cloud of volcanic ash.
  • TBN: Volcanis with no armor heats up his body causing his next ability cast to increase in range by 10-20% meanwhile with any amount of extra armor from his passive above 10 melts into lava chunks which are able to be put onto enemies within 3m.
  • Eruption: Volcanis shoots lava up into the sky (visually) before it rains down lava creating pools onto the floor like a Tar Mutalist MOA. Volcanis aims where he wants his lava pools before spewing them out. (Left click to pick a spot up to the maximum of lava pools or press right click after at least one spot is selected to do fewer)
  • Volcanis passively leaks lava out of his body cools down to make armor. He generates 25 armor per ability cast over 5 seconds which does stack until it reaches its max of 300 extra armor. (This excludes his 3rd ability (TBN)

Story: Originally the name Volanis meant nothing to most everyone in the solar system; however, to a tribe of people who lived under the constant fear of mother nature and her many natural disasters, Volcanis was their god. The safest place for them to live oddly enough was at the base of a volcano where they could closely worship their god who protected them from other natural disasters. Once a year the tribe would make a sacrifice of flesh to the volcano; Though this flesh wasn't from their own, this was the flesh of dangerous creatures that also inhabited the lands. It was a test of their raw strength and will that they were able to prove to their god Volcanis that they were worth saving from natural disasters meanwhile the flesh from defeated creatures would be the physical proof that they were capable. After all their god wont protect those who aren't capable of protecting themselves. These terrifying tribe of people are called the Volvans and they are a ruthless group who strive to stay at the top of the food chain in their dangerous world. This tribe lived like most others, working to better themselves and their quality of life though some things would never change like their faith in their god though no direct proof was ever given; But, once natural disasters arrived, none would come to threaten the Volvans. Powerful and fierce beings they were, like all good things it would come to an end. Grineer ships would arrive on the planet and begin searching for something. Becoming more and more established it was only a matter of time for the Volvan tribe and Grineer to find each other and for battle to begin. Though the Grineer had firearms the Volvan knew the land and were relentless in battle though patient and calculating, always waiting for the right time to strike. The Grineer while faced with a enemy they never bothered to know, they were still faced with the bigger task of searching for something even more dangerous. Volcanis himself. Time would go on and skirmishes would continue till eventually the Grineer leaders ran out of patience bringing in larger weaponry. Since the Volvan didn't have any actual technology, seeming to be in the stone age, they would take advantage of that difference. Dropships flew overhead and struck at the Volvan's home. Though they were strong in mind and body, they could not withstand the full force of technology. They only had one thing to turn towards in this trying time and that of course would be the very thing the Grineer were searching for; Most stayed back to fend off the forces of Grineer meanwhile the Priestes of the Volvan would go inside of a sacred place deep within the Volcano they lived at the base of. Performing a ritual, she would request one thing of their beloved god; to bless them just this once, aid them to win the fight against this seemingly unbeatable foe. For a moment nothing happened, silence fell around the Priestess before the room lit up with the colors of hot magma. The ground rumbled and she began to rush out of the secret temple, when she finally made it out she heard a thunderous crack emit from the ground go into the distance before crack opened up underneath the enemy as lava started to pour out. From that lava rose what looked to be not a god, but a devil that crawled from the deapths of the underground. With a mighty roar up to the sky, the demon called forth the forces of its nature to burn away its foes leaving only what remained of the tribe. The people terrified of what they witnessed would believed they worshipped something worse than the devil its self and moved away. Not much is known of Volcanis and what was his tribe for ages; but what is known is that the few who remained after the war spread rumor of a lava breathing demon; The land has been abandoned ever since, with hard stone statues (corpses) littered around the area.


Name: Motara

Idea & Origin: leader / military support


  • Hp: 350 - 500
  • Shield: 75 - 300
  • Armor: 235
  • Energy: 350 - 575



  1. Ammo Upgrade: Motara drops a ammo box down and loads a temporary ammo type into your weapon with half your weapons ammo capacity. Tap to switch ammo type enhancement and hold to place and put that ammo into your weapon with 3/4 the magazine capacity. One type increases crit chance, another status chance, one other adds blast damage. (Motara places a special magazine into the weapon in her hand with 3/4 the weapons magazine capacity. Only one ammo box can be put down at a time. [Crit chance buff increases crit chance by 10%] [Status chance improves by 15%] [Blast damage added starts at 1200 at level 1, level 2 is 2000, and level 3 is 3500] and all of these can be increased with ability strength) (Hold to drop ammo box, energy cost 45)
  2. Stand Your Ground: Hold your ground by stabbing your flag into the ground inspiring those around you. Boosting accuracy, and crit chance. (The longer you stay in a radius of 5m of the flag, the stronger the buffs become. [Accuracy buff 8-20%] [Crit buff 5-18%] thus ability is a tap to place down and a tap to pick up and is a energy drain.) (Activate 35, drain 12-25)
  3. Ammo Dump: You shots come straight from your ammo capacity with increased fire rate and decreased accuracy while movement speed is reduced. This ability can be paired with the first ability cutting your total ammo in half but with increased stats depending on what one you had selected at the time (this ability is an energy drain and reduces your accuracy by 12%) (Activate 60, drain 20-35)
  4. Barrage: Motara has a mortar mounted on her back that she stands stationary when firing it. The mortar fires shrapnel bombs however when her first ability is switched to blast damage, it rains a barrage of bombs. Damage is based on her primary weapon. (Takes 25% reduced damage while in mortar mode) (Damage based on a percentage of your primary weapon as well as strength.) (Activate 100)


  • The more kills Motara gets with a weapon the more proficient she becomes with it. Increasing reload speed and accuracy up to 25% (passive increases with head shots. Level 1 is achieve with 15 head shot kills 10% buff, level 2 is 55 18% buff and, level 3 is 90 headshot kills 25% buff)

Story: Motara, this militia frame would be well known in the solar system for her ingenuity for ammo modification, and indomitable will. This unyielding leader of her team would build herself a reputation for forcing her way through any situation one way or another. Though her unyielding might with weaponry, and strong will to never back down; Motara would complete her missions no matter what; defensive was her specialty. The last known mission she was on involved a vault that corpus leaders craved. Droves of corpus found their way to Motara and her team defending the vault; With their team flag planted in the ground, and ammo boxes crafted by Motara herself, the small squad would do everything in their power to keep the enemy away. The battle went on for days before they started to run out of ammunition; Motara desperate to keep up the fight started to grab other enemies weapons, using them; becoming proficient with each one as a weapon's specialist. Though her indomitable will kept her and her team alive, all good things come to an end. The corpus waves would slowly gain ground while walking over the corpses of others. (to be continued)


Name: Static (Reworked)

Idea/Orogin: Anomalies/Glitches


HP: 250 - 550

Shield: 200 - 350

Armor: 275

Energy: 200 - 350



Warp Walk: Static grabs hold of her dual blades and takes one step which sends her 10 meters forward marking 5 - 15 enemies; which get stabbed with her dual blades. Her dual blades are an exalted weapon. (5 enemies at level 1, 10 at level 2, and 15 at level 3; This ability can be increased with range and strength, range increases the number of enemies and strength the damage.)


Roaming Door: Static throws one of her swords at one location and one at another. Once the second blade has been set in a location, a door opens at both spots. Walking through one puts you at the other spot (think the portal game) and vice-versa. You won't be able to see through them however you can shoot through them. Furthermore, when shooting through the Roaming Door your bullets will have a random effect [Crit Dmg increase, Status Chance increase, giving bullets an explosive radius, or adding multishot] (This ability is based on a duration and ability strength)


Distortion: Static distorts a area for 20 Seconds, enemies that walk into the are are stabbed 3 times with critical hits by copies of her sword; this refreshes every 5 seconds so the same enemy may be hit again if they remain within the area. [Level 1: 6 Seconds, Level 2: 12 seconds  level 3: 20 seconds] (This ability is based on range and duration as most of the damage will come from her exalted melee weapons)


Wormhole Warp: Static opens two doors, one above and below her while sucking enemies in. While repeatedly falling through, she slices enemies which proc random effects to her damage (explosive damage, status chance, sudden burst of combo increase, or void damage). This ability is a constant energy drain and needs range to increase the distance of which It can pull enemies in.


(Origin story and editing cleanup coming soon.)



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