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[!!!STORY SPOILERS ALERT!!!] Warframe current story direction from mr30 noob`s perspective. Also some game development propositions.


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The following text is flood of thoughts in form of textwall, containing HUGE story spoilers born in the mind of some neophyte pretending to be true master of tenno, wich under ANY circumstances should not be taken seriously. You were warned.

Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours in madness lost shall die.

The tenno, the star children, users of warframes, any of which could turn any battle into bloodbath. Some believe them to be savers of The Origin system, preservers of "balance". Me personally, is the one who think that they are excessively EVIL in game universe. In the start of game we are awaken, trying to defend ourselves from angry grineer troops and their commander, who wants to examine our cold corpse. This couldn`t be considered evil actions, because any living creature wants to survive, BUT, it works both ways. Yes, we are not evil for defending ourselves from someone who shoots in our face trying to understand why headshots dealt to deth machine in front have no effects before being extremely violently dismembered (in most cases).

The Lotus, mysterious figure guiding the tenno in the Origin system (Solar system initially) on their bloody way to the void, What is the void? Emptiness. Conscious emptiness which existed before time. Why think so? 

[The second dream and war within part]

Tenno are going into the void under guidance of Lotus and with help of (S)Alad V. In there they found out satellite of the Earth drifting in the void for LONG time. Most persons in warframe universe thought that it was destroyed many centuries before. But it is there. The reason why it is in the void is tenno.

You think that you are warframe which you control, but BOOM. You are told that you are a child, sleeping in some sort of cryopod, seing dreams not of what you are, but of what you want to be. Bloody dreams mostly, but who cares.

Additionally, in time of completing quest you are followed by stalker, vengeful tenno-outcast, who choose path of revenge. Revenge upon other tenno, who massacred an entire race, which was in charge of the Origin system. The orokin, golden lords. If you dive into game story deep enough you will find out that orokin wasn`t saint. Bioengineering of humans with genetic defects which prewents them from making war against their rulers. Grineer, clones with genetic code simple enough to be cloned in HUGE amounts. They were used as unlimited easily recovered workforce (slaves basically). Their defect was making lives very short and reduced intelligence, so clones couldn`t develop bigger picture of things and wage war against their masters (this proven to be uneffective defect though). Another race, dax (dax soldiers to be correct), genetically enhanced people with lifespan long enough to become excessively mastered in everything they do, mainly in the war. Defect wasn`t allowing them to oppose anyone who has orokin scepter and the kuva directly (Teshin has shown that dax can oppose orokin through helping their direct enemy). Sentients (not people but still a race of beings possessing consciousness). intelligent machines which was built to terraform planets in the Tau system which was closest one to the Origin system (Proximal CenTAUrus i believe). Orokin laws banned AI development (we still don`t know why), but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Sentients were the only ones who could save Orokin Empire from destruction, by giving them new land to live. Defect of sentients was making them sterile when passing through the void so that they could not return to the Origin system (ineffective defect, again, because after some time sentients appeared in the Origin system, waging war against their creators). The corpus probably was orokin originally, but they were poor citizens, used by elite to make their lives perfect at the expense of someone else`s labor (no connection to our real world at all :D). The yuvan, people with bodies close to orokin ideals, who were used in process of continuity (soul/oro translation if i can say so). Probable defect was making their minds ineffective when risisting continuity, allowing orokin to easily invade mind and replace it with their own consciousness, allowing to live "forever", yuvan`s mind was probably destroyed in process. I wrote this wall of text not to show how experienced i am in warframe universe story, but to show, that for most races the orokin was scumbags even for someone from themselves, using everything they can to make their lifes as easy as possible, no matter at what cost. So, the tenno massacring orokin elite wasn`t evil. Then why do i still think that TENNO ARE BAD GUYS?

[Harrow chains, the Sacrifice and necraloid lore entries]

Through Harrow chains quest you find out the tenno origins at deeper level. The tenno were originally from yuvan settlers, who was sent into Tau system to colonise it just as sentients AFTER them. They were on colonisation ship called "Zariman 10-0" (ten o = tenno, got it?). In process ship disappeared for years and then appeared in origin system again, all matures was dead, only children survived, but they were changed. Many of them were experiencing observation from cold alien mind, indifferent to everyone and everything except the tenno for an unknown reason. They were now the ones owning unstudied abilities, breaking rules of the world. The orokin began to research them, putted into cryosleep. It was already time of war between sentients and the Orokin Empire. The orokin found out that their usual war tools was ineffective, so they decided to use biomechanical weapon, the technocyte (reason why infested exist in the game). In process of researching technocyte abilities, warframes were created, but they were uncontrollable. In time, the orokin found out that the only ones who was able to control warframes were the tenno (not controlling actually, more like synbiotically link their minds, perhabs the tenno themselves are just asking warframes to do something rather than being them acting, also they provide warframes with their own void energy, like battery, to use some crazy abilities). So the tenno were born as most of the Origin system knows about them. The problem in here is the void itself. In harrow chains you find out that there is something or someone in the void, and probably, this being is the reason why tenno gain their powers. From necraloid entries made by Albrecht Entrati, we can assume that an actual Albrecht was replaced by someone from void. this has an actual impact on the game lore, because now we can assume that the tenno themselves aren`t the real yuvan from Zariman, i think that they are essenses from the void mimicking people. That`s why Ballas calls us demons, and probably that is the reason why so many tenno are indifferen to wars which took place in the warframe universe at current point, they are acting like mercenaries, fighting for those who pay better, there is no "balance" in there (or balance exists, as the infinite madness, created by void itself as part of the world?).

So, i think that in current state of game story, the tenno we are playing are void ghosts, creating chaos in the world, because it is part of their essense. They don`t really care about poor people affected by war, the only thing that drives them is probability to become stronger for more chaos to be created. Perhabs the man in the wall, as Rell called him, is the tenno "hivemind" (since void is the whole creature, probably). Now i am assuming that in "good" story way, our characters would be locked in the void to prevent them from creating more chaos. The tenno aren`t really trying to negotiate with grineer or corpus to finally make peace and the real balance, instead they create genocide for the sake of genocide, sure there are some exceptions as cavor defectors or solaris people, but they are exceptions. When the tenno are on the mission like extermination they don`t thnik that those grineer standing before them without suspicion of mortal danger behind the back could be an amazingly good human (yes i do consider grineer as misguided humans  abused by grineer queens, cloned life is still life). 

To cosmic forms from tangent planes WE END AS WE BEGAN.

Now, to the game developing proposition.

Imho, DE are trying to expand their game lore as much as it is possible, it is a good solution, but in long terms this creates much of bugged, unconnected modules which aren`t affecting basic game really (sure, with some time this can become an extremely needed part of the game, but right now Railjack and nechramechs are just a useless content islands, full of grind which doesn`t really help the game). I do understand that if Warframe will survive long enough, the story behind the game universe could become an amazing masterpiece, but the grind as driving point for our void demons just looks stupid (as i have stated about ability to become stronger for more chaos to be created). Perhabs, De should be more concentrated on GAMEPLAY, rather than new game mechanics which aren`t used by most of the community). HUGE ALSO: I think that we are in desperate need of storyspoilers from DE themselves (yes, i understand that it can make story quests uninteresting in future for some people, but right now community is decaying because we don`t know the future state of game story and gameplay itself, developers just throw promises at us, most of which are still incompleted). So i think, that to save the Warframe from short time dying, DE should just give us their full vision of warframe lore (with spoilers, yes, someone could consider this insulting, but i personally think that if we understand what kind of world we are into, this could help the community to last longer. Also, i do believe that DE has the whole game story allready written, perhabs i am wrong, but most of content looks like a long term planned piece of the BIG universe. Yes Railjack and nechramechs are useless content islands right now, but THEY MAKE A LOT OF SENSE IN TERMS OF GAME LORE

So, i understand that DE are people after all and giving us an amazing game with a snap of your fingers is impossible. But:

DE, please, i am playing since 2013 and I BEG YOU, give us the whole game story with future plans for those who are brave enough to spoil the story for themselves, i hope that most of community will stick to the unspoken rule of not giving gamestory spoilers without warning, but MANY of us is in desperate need of full Warframe story, just to keep the community alive, and probably to bring more of "fresh blood".

For anyone who feel like criticise me: feel free to proceed. I am human after all, and i can be mistaken. As Lotus said: "Teshin thinks he knows better... Maybe he does..."

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