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Carcinus Speargun Skin does not extend when swapped to from other weapons or picked up


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This started happening after one of the hotfixes for Deimos Arcana, i believe the 2nd one (uncertain). This was definitely not how the skin was advertised, and i had been using it before the Deimos Arcana update. It does not extend from its collapsed form if quick swapped. You must fire the weapon to revert it back to its original size, or swap out, then back to the speargun using the qeapon swap key. This is unpleasant, as this cost 250 platinum to purchase as it is only available in a bundle and is now broken.

here is video evidence. Taken in Captura, but accurately reflects the bug in all mission instances, as well as with every warframe and their individual animations: https://streamable.com/a28jtg

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