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I had problems in fortune after using Directx12

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After using directx12, I went on all open maps to test, my friends said that when going in fortune the game closed, I did the test and the same happened to me. I did not have this problem on earth or in deimos, only in fortune.

The problem occurs when using Archwing Dashing several times.

I hope the right image, I don't know how to post images here 😄


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When talking about crashes, the WAR number shown by the crash reporter can help us very quickly see what the error was. This number is not uniquely tied to your account, there is no privacy risk associated with sharing it. Also remember to write in the crash reporter a brief description of what you were doing, real people DO read these and sometimes the descriptions are invaluable to figuring out what happened!

In the case of Orb Vallis and DX12, It looks like there is a fix coming very soon for this specific problem.

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