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Zephyr touch ups to help improve her even further


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Zephyr has got a lot of neat buffs but she still has some room to improve. So. Here's a quick list of Zephyr changes I want now;

Passive including a 50% additive increase for weapons while in the air, applied after mods and before buffs, applying only to the total damage. She has the ability to easily weave through the air, yet has no reason to make use of it. Also a change to the floaty passive; holding crouch will let you drop much faster while in the air. 

Anchored Glide removing said bonus damage in the air, also having a 20% ability strength and completely ignores knockdowns.  Because honestly, as it stands the mod is useless. I tried Zephyr with and without the mod and noticed no difference. 

Tailwind being more of a cast once to start in a direction. Cast again to stop at any point, also more controllable in that it follows your camera and creates an aoe if you hit any surface. Also, the momentum stop for tailwind needs to be tweaked to always work consistently. In this I mean that it should check if Zephyr has been in the same position(with a 5m radius check) with momentum for more than 1 second. 

Hold casting tornadoes will always spawn them within 15m of your indicator, always spawning one at the indicator. This gets rid of the heavy rng that allows the tornadoes to spawn 500 meters away from your indicator(no exaggeration.) for some reason, which is incredibly hurtful to her performance. 

Also airburst increasing the pull and damage transfer range of tornadoes based on ability range stat. This'll mean that you have a reason to actually increase the range of the tornadoes with airburst. Currently you only increase height which does nothing as most of the game is horizontal. 

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