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Gauss' Agito Skin seems way too shiny.


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The skin itself is awesome, but the colors don't seem right, when compared to the rest of the game.

Here's an example of what I mean:


The frame and the weapon use the same colors, copied from the frame. Despite that, the frame is quite a bit brighter and shinier.


At first I figured it might just be the Orbiter lightning, and so I took it to a mission:


Similar story here. Despite limited lighting, the colors on the frame almost look washed out in comparison to the weapon.

I tested it with other weapons, and the results were consistent with the above.

I really want to like this skin, but the way it clashes with the rest of your gear really detracts from the enjoyment, in my opinion.


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Reminder: This skin is a TennoGen item, meaning that there is a creator behind it in which either DE or themselves would consult the other in regards to changes that would be made for it. I'm not exactly sure if a solution to this perceived issue would require changing a certain intentional aspect of the design in which the creator would not want to remove.

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