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Mastery rank 30 blessings


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I'm going to be that guy 

Mr30 blessings are kinda of a big joke 

The 25% is almost meaningless

And the choices come on

They should really tweak buffs

To 50% values and lower the time to 2h or even 1h only but make them available to give every 12h

Keep Affinity but increase to +50%

Switch drop for plus resources +50%

Keep Credits increase to +50%

Switch the other buffs for

For a something more unique

Like example x-amount 1/2 of nitain or some other rare drop resource to all but make the resource random per mr30 someone can give today example 3-muta mass while other can give 2 telerium that way there's no overload of 1 resource in the relays

Or a flat 20cc buff to primary weapon. Or secondary

Something that would make lots of players overjoy for a brief 1h to 2h a day 

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