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Sell Built Warframe Parts


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I opted to buy Vauban even though I only needed the Helmet (yes, I know there was one offered as a Corpus reward last night!) because I'm impatient. Agreed, there's a lot they can do with blueprints, components and the Foundry.


For example, build more than one of the same item at once. Being able to build just one Mutagen Mass at a time is bullS#&$, especially when you consider that I need twenty-one of them to build everything (Djinn, Synapse, et cetera.)


Being unable to sell crafted blueprints is highly inconvenient. I made a second Essence Loki helmet by mistake, but I'm stuck with it. Yeah, Support can handle this, but being able to sell these things should be the simplest thing to make happen... I'm sure there are other important things that Support can help people with.

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And? Best source are potatos, costing a mere 20 plat each.

What does that have to do with anything? Best source of what?


Orokin Tech is not even required to build stuff (besides Orokin Cells) so I'm having trouble understanding exactly what point you are trying to make.

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Of DE's income, off course.

What comes to Orokin Tech, you are literally a joke without them. To even match potatoed non-polarized piece of equipment you have to get 6-10 sessions of forma rebuild.

Ah, now I see. I realize that's probably why you can't craft more than one of the same item at once. That's how they get their money. Still, it would be nice, but it's obviously not something I would expect.

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