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renaming transporter bug


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Can confirm, renaming transporter moved it a very large distance away, well out of bounds. This creates a bit of a problem: you can't enter Decorate mode when out-of-bounds, so you can't move it back or delete it normally. Also it's invisible, so good luck entering Decorate mode while in-bounds in order to then fly up to find the rogue teleporter.

There is a way to do it, though. It involves a UI bug where you open up the main menu and the transporter menu simultaneously.

So, while standing on another transporter, within range to interact with it:

  1. Press Escape to open the main menu
  2. Press Escape again to exit the menu
  3. Attempt to interact with the transporter and open the main menu at the same time
    • May take many tries, the timing is difficult
  4. With both menus open, select the rogue transporter to teleport to it
  5. Enter Decorate mode using the main menu which stayed open while you teleported
    • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIMPLY REMOVE THE TRANSPORTER WHILE STANDING ON IT. It will softlock the game and you'll have to force quit.
  6. Click to grab the transporter. Your warframe will fall through into the void, but that's what we want since the point is that you're no longer standing on the object you're trying to remove.
  7. While holding the transporter, press Escape to cancel the move.
  8. Now you can right-click to remove the transporter, while your warframe is still falling into the void.

Good luck.

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