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Gara - Shattered Lash Unreliable (Broken) Combo Timer Reset/Buildup


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With the Xoris nerf Gara's first ability Shattered Lash was given the combo counter treatment like other pseudo exalted weapons (Whipclaw, Landslide) already had it.

I finally felt like giving it a look, loaded up an SP survival and ran into immense issues with building and maintaining the combo counter. Sometimes it doesn't build up despite hiting multiple enemies. Other times it builds combo properly (as far as I can tell). I couldn't get above a 2x or 3x combo multiplier by using this ability because eventually it just stops refreshing the timer until it ran out despite the fact I kept using it and hitting enemies with it.

My only guess would be that it had something to do with enemies that are or had been vitrified somehow not counting as eligible for the combo mechanic of this ability anymore.

Certainly unusable (for melee combos) in its current state.

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