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Sporothrix blueprint is not tradeable


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I listed Sporothrix set for sale on WFM and the blueprint is actually on sale there, I dunno what I'm missing but it's not tradeable for me.


This is a screenshot when setting up shop in maroo, I initially tried trading in dojo but went to maroo just in case:



And this is my inventory, you can also see it doesn't have the trade icon on it:



EDIT: Apparently Arum Spinosa blueprint has the same issue, I don't own one but I've seen it mentioned.

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On 2020-12-05 at 3:50 PM, RAZORLIGHT said:

Kinda old bug which isn't fixed yet... wow this is again pretty weak.

What a terrible year for Warframe and you can't blame everything on Covid 19!

Nah they are forcing us to run their "new content" and I use that term lightly here. This should be a simple fix in my honest opinion.

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