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My Feedback On This Event


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Let me list what I like and dislike about this event:



- The concept. Putting the 'war' back into 'warframe'.

- Having to choose a side and fighting alongside that faction, with a sort of penalty for switching sides.

- Going from one tileset to another in a single mission.

- Alad and Ruk talking to you during the mission (I especially like Ruk's form of speaking. Dunno why, it just seems to fit him well)




- Infested is ignored completely (so far anyway)

- Event heavily biased toward Grineer in both morals and rewards, with the exception of the current one that offers forma BP on both sides.

- Only Exterminate mission type in the event (so far)

- Some of the things Ruk & Alad say. (Greedy milk? WTF is that, and why is it in Corpus skulls?)




What I would like to see:


- More mission types for this event. Exterminate gets boring after a while.

- More varied levels. I get that the two ship sides are slightly randomized, but the connecting piece is one of two rooms, and that gets very old very quickly, especially after running 100+ missions like I have.

- Bring Infested into the mix. Why not have all three enemy factions in the missions?

- Add more lines for Ruk & Alad.

- Tenno vs Tenno. We've got Tenno on both sides, why not have em fight each other? Maybe not PvP, but maybe Tenno AI on the opposite team?





It would be nice to see more than just mostly rushing Novas when playing these missions, too, but I don't think there's anything on the dev side that can be done about that one, besides changing up the mission type.

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