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Inaros Prime agile animation set lockup with Bows equipped


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  • TYPE: In-game
    • When using Bows on Inaros Prime with the Agile animation set, when the bow is actually in hand, it causes Inaros Prime to frame lock when standing still. Moving around and idle animations are fine, but once you've stopped moving the animation locks to whatever position/frame Inaros Prime was in.
    • If you change any colour on the Bow in the loadout menus it causes Inaros Prime to T-Pose.
    • Switching weapons with Bow equipped can also causes animation lock up and weapon does not switch on model and you are unable to use weapons. Sometimes going in and out of operator mode fixes this.
  • REPRODUCTION: Equip Bows onto Inaros Prime with Aglie animation set
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Animations should not lock
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Animations are locking up.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of time



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