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Chroma's extra jump broken by Aerial Ace


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  1. Play Chroma
  2. Have Aerial Ace equipped on a rifle
  3. Proc Aerial Ace

Once Aerial Ace has been procced, Chroma loses his extra double jump and shows his wings sprouting on standard double jumps.

Note that this is not a case of only getting a single air jump back on proccing Aerial Ace as this persists after landing.

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2 Scenarios :

1. Kill before any jump - does not proc aerial ace  =  most of the time you are getting 2 jumps like you should (rarely just 1)
2. Kill after the first jump - proc aerial ace 
=  only 1 jump more (chroma´s second jump is gone)

i dont know if the second scenario is intentional - or a coding error

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