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Dojo QoL Improvements!

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Out of curiosity, would anything from the Solar Rails be implemented as decorative options, or might that be it's own Tileset (If they came back)?

I'd just like to simply explore them someday to be honest :)


Other than that, I was wondering about one other thing: Would it be possible to explore the relay seen in the skybox of the Dry Dock (That would be a neat skybox option for the open room!)? In my mind I sometimes can't help but compare that relay to the USS Enterprise, and what it'd be like to walk around and explore that entire ship (All the hallways, rooms and other places!).

Any thoughts on those things?

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Can we please get a version of the Open Space room that has multiple doors? This way we could do fully custom paths between different rooms.

Edit: A version that also has several doors on the top and bottom of the room so we can use it instead of elevators would be awesome too.

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Spawn pads! That's very exciting!

I'm absolutely THRILLED to hear that the rotation bug has been taken care of. You should add that to the patch notes. People will care.

There's not a whole lot else that I would want at this point.

If possible, converting the props in the dry docks and crimson branch rooms from geometry into room decorations (as well as providing them as options for buildable dojo decorations in general) would be swell. I know the dojo team puts work into decorating those rooms, but we'd like to make use of those spaces ourselves!

Being able to enable/disable clipping for the object that you are currently moving (especially if moving one axis at a time) would be very welcome too.

Honestly though, I'm really happy to hear about this workshop. Thanks for making it happen!

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I am looking forward to this ,

The red zone reduction in particular.


I havent touched many of our old rooms in quite some time cause it was a significant effort to get everything right ,

What i really would like is grouping of decorations such that you could move multiple items together as one unit (maybe increase and decrease their size as a unit too),

Some greater control on rotation would also help - currently you can only rotate objects on a fixed origin point , the ability to move that origin point would make putting things together much easier.

a "No clip" option would also be convenient.

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Does that mean that we finally have a major update so you can fix our dojo lights? Do we finally get that abomination fixed? Same room, but it looks like the top of that inspiration hall has slid up out of the skybox. Anyone address that one?

How about pieces auto-filling when you drop them as long as you have access to the clan vault resources? 

We tried service tickets and were told to use the forums, then we hear crickets...LOTS of crickets. 

Forgive me if I don't hold my breath this time.







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Adding featured pictures
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Any plans for background music options? Possibly per room?

Small boost to decoration caps? I could really use another 100 capacity of wiggle room in some places. (Especially if NPCs are going to cost 20+ capacity as I suspect they might...)

As for something potentially more realistic and could be pushed earlier outside of this update, PLEASE release the Festive Decorations NOW! It's no fun at all to only have access to them a week before Christmas. Some of us like to be festive immediately after the turkey is gone.

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Really nice incoming changes.

I hope we'll have the Tenno NPCs of relay as well, maybe the syndicates one too ?

I would like to see more light decorations like the "Ramu pillar lantern" (Tenno), but for Orokin, Grineer, Corpus, Entrati, Solaris united, Infested, there are a few in Orokin and Lua tilesets. We have "Orokin wall light" but there is really too much rays, it's too visible and too short. We don't have that much option for lights ATM.

I would like to see more room capacity, like an increase of 25% (more likely for the grandest hall and Dry dock), and a save and load options for rooms with their decorations.


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Dojo  improvements. I just have one small question. " but why though?!" is it really worth the time doing something like cosmetic improvements for things only a few use and even fewer use for more than showing off on prime time. Its cool to see creativity but give people other options to use it than spending a kings ransom in resources to make things no one will see

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Nice additions. Though I think one of the most annoying things for me is the weird collision detection the placement tool always has on one corner of every object, it can really make lining things up you're duplicating a huge hassle, and something ran into commonly.

Also if you're adding features another thought: You could always toss a somachord in the dojos too. It'd be a great time to upgrade that. I'm not sure how you'd consider unlocking songs for a clan, though. But, it'd be a fine time to add the basic dojo ambience, as well as a lot of missing music.

Off the top of my head it's been a while since a somachord update, Some music that could be added:

Basic Dojo track



New Gas City

New Corpus Ships

Plains of Eidolon's still not there

Nora's themes

Nightwave seasonal songs (actually these might not be bad nightwave rewards at some point tbh)

The song that plays in the operator room before the somachord is unlocked (There is another version of this for the somachord, but it's not quite the same one, and it isn't nice for a background loop like that one is, lol been wanting that one quite a while tbh)

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