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Dojo QoL Improvements!

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First of all thank you so much for giving attention to the dojo 

a few things I would like to be considered 

Dojo additions 

• please pretty please consider adding a plain sheet of glass and water decoration 

• Lua orokin decorations 

• allowing the ability to swap out rooms without having to restart the dojo to do this , and make removing a room Instant. 

• a kennel pet room where the pets that you don’t use can be donated to the dojo; where a select few can roam around in that room at a time , ( for example ) if you have acquired a lot of pets in the process of trying to get lotus prints and colors and have like a lot that just sit there ! This way you can show a select few and swap them for others to show when you want. Or maybe you just like breeding and collecting kubrows and kuvats this would give purpose to these instead of them just sitting there 

• please add the simulacrum to the dojo. make the dojo a true Interactive hub for a  clan instead of just trading. where they can get together and work on builds in their own home instead of all having to go to a relay ! Relays are cool and all but I don’t know anyone that sits around relays or enjoy going to them really because it’s a lot of back and forth. 
add the WF market to the dojo also would be nice. 

• a dry dock area for the liset for when you load in 


Dojo fixes 

• please fix lighting in open space rooms and observatory to omni directional lighting so the light Is more evenly lit from every direction. 

• please fix reflections on water and glass. 

• please fix text beacons to not show in other open spaces. 

• please fix giant random objects showing in all open spaces 

• please add snapping to other objects 

• the ability to choose theme options for the over all dojo. Kinda like Tenno gen but for the dojo where you can support the dojo community artists and their designs for rooms 

• add more capacity to all rooms including dry dock 

thank you 

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I have recently started to get into dojo declarations and several of the things listed address issues I had. ex not enough wood furniture/structure (now getting cetus decorations), red zones around doors are irritating (now getting spawn pads)


Also thank you @Vash for your you tube link, i was able to find your channel with dojo decorating tutorials.


From my limited exposure to dojo decoration I would suggest some of the following:

1. At room console, in addition to the "Fund all" that others have mentioned, maybe provide a GUI that lists of unfunded & in progress decorations that you can individually contribute to or rush.

2. Display name of the part you are hovering over in decorator mode, like just above the control legend area.  Sure i can just duplicate a part if i'm in the same room, but i need to know what it is if I'm going to a different room

3. Maybe provide a decoration preview similar to the market.  Selecting a decoration in the decoration selection menu then clicking preview will allow you to see the decoration and rotate it around without needing to place it and exiting the decoration selection menu.

4. The small room placement window does not provide much context about room placement.  First is it too small to even see some of the larger rooms.  Second it doesn't provide context about why you can't place a room, I've encountered plenty of times where the conflict is due to a large room on a lower floor, but the placement GUI makes no indication about that.  Third some rooms have interior decoration orientations, that are not apparent until you place the room. 

5. Allow destroying of a room if all of the connected rooms have a path, which does not include the room being deleted, to the level's root room(ex elevator or base clan hall).  IIRC, I've been unable to destroy rooms that i don't want due to it having a "child" room, even though that child room has since been connected to other rooms with paths to the root room.

6. I don't know if anyone would want this, but an in-place room replacement system. ex if someone wanted to switch from one small garden room to another, you could.  Or if you wanted to up/down grade a hall (hall<->T-hall, or T-hall<->Cross hall), assuming it maintains the connections to all the current rooms or if the connections decrease, the detached room is not isolated.

7. I second a clip on/off option mentioned by others.

8. I may have jumped the gun with assuming that by getting spawn plates, the red zones might go away.  If they do great, but if not I would like a way to minimize or remove them.

9. Would be nice to have room painting options to paint the roof one color(ex blue for sky, or even transparent to see the skybox), the floor another(ex brown for ground), & and walls another (ex green for forest).  so potentially have option for setting key/accent for the whole room or for each section.

10. With regards to previewing rooms for both the paint & decorations, instead of it being 20 seconds, maybe make it stay until the person leaves the room, leaves decorator mode, or leaves the dojo.  That way we don't need to do the operator trick.


New decoration suggestions:

1. Ground covers such as various dirt & gravels.  Making an "outdoor" scene in an inspiration hall but having metal floors everywhere.... Yes you could put grass everywhere, or clip rocks through the floor.


Misc Dojo

1. We have research halls for all of the factions except sentient (ex chem=grineer, energy=corpus, bio=infested).  Maybe add "bio-mechanical", or "void" research for sentient related equipment.

2. Any plans to do something with the solar rail room?

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added #9 & 10, decoration #1, and misc: #1 & 2
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I'm very exited for new additions, new faction decorations is always welcome! And some additional skybox options was my dream since open space room launch!!
But there...much more problems that need to be fixed. 
In general, parent/child decoration placement system is not that great, which also makes fixing already build objects in dojos almost impossible, finished decorations aggressively avoiding clipping is very, very bad for any symmetrical builds or big repetitive "clusters" of decorations like, for example, custom walls or ceilings or floors. Give us "true" free placement feature where objects loosing any "hardness" and can be easily clip into each other 😄

Object mirroring would be  amazing feature too, increasing limits of objects size...there is so many stuff that would be great life quality changes for decorations system.

Also, some new sticking system would be great. What if we had vertexes which can stick to other object vertex? Not for all objects, but, maybe only for one which meant to place next to each other, like, those beams, floor/walls panels? Give us some more control of objects placement, please 🙏

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Really great upgrade I'm impatient to see it !!

Can you look at this list of improvement too ? :


Improvement :

- Removing children/parent room limitation for destruction (or  make it easier to do, a room need to be connected to one another but every room can take this role, not the older like actually)

- Reopen decoration selection to the last use, tab or search (we have more and more decoration and it become difficult to look trough every time we open the menu)

- Set old decoration placement cost to 1 (dragon/boudha statues etc)

- Give more decoration capacity to old halls

- Add more standard Grineer decorations
- Add shortcut  for in-game tchat in decoration mod

- Reduce construction duration for both room and decoration (24h is too much for decoration we need to wait 1day to see results)

- removing instance in dojo duel room (like before) so we can have some spectators

- Give the same wall and floor colour pattern for all dojo room (connector don't have the same pattern as standard hall and garden ..)




- Possibility to copy/past a room decoration (via an exported file or somthing like that, it take houres to make a room fully decorate and bloke us if we need to move it) Exporting them will be great to share it with others (like path of exile hideout)

- Can we have an option ( another role for exemple or by character name or a toggle option on the console room) for each room to lock all decoration. So decorators can only decorate rooms not locked.

- Orokin Derelic decorations

- Inaros quest decoration pillars, walls, etc (harrow quest too)

- Corpus Hall, Grineer Hall

- Add simulacrum room

- Add old dojo room

- Pvp dojo (a console to toggle pvp flag on/off) with pad for respawn point/team base

- Give kavat/kubrow/Moa/sentinel to clan dojo and place them like  drones

- Triggerable decoration ? (like activing laser, open doors, elevators)




Bug correction :


-Text from tributa and beacon from other room can be seen from a openspace area/room (like like inspiration hall or open space room (archived but not corrected)

May be auto hide text if you are XX meter away ?

- fix dojo roof of some room/garden the center of some of them don't take colour change in account

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Looks like some good steps, but here's some other areas that would be beneficial:

  • Fix the Global vs Local rotation
    • Switching something to "Global" then attempting to rotate it doesn't have the item snap to the "Global" grid if it was already adjusted prior
    • This wasn't always the case, but it got broken along the way
  • Allow "NoClip" for the Decorate Mode
  • Allow the ability to adjust the XYZ/YAW values of an object
  • Thumbnails need an update
    • Various objects have been changed without their thumbnails being updated
      • There aren't many Green Trees anymore due to this
      • Ceremonial Circle Trim would look better restored to how it was in the thumbnail
  • Revamp the Dojo Color Research System (for the record, my clans have finished with this research, but doesn't mean this system shouldn't be changed)
    • It should be possible to research multiple pigments at once
    • Costs on a lot of them need to be severely reduced
    • The overly specific ones like the Tusk Bombard should be changed to just any Bombard
  • Allow those in an Alliance (remember those exist too :clem:) to enter any dojo that is a part of that Alliance
    • Could even have a new "Alliance Dojo Key" item
  • Allow the contents of a room to be copy/pasted to another similar room
  • Allow the removal of the Room Console since it isn't "needed" as it could just be part of the ESC menu
  • Enable the ability to swap the statue in the Temple of Honor
  • Stalker Acolyte Noggles still cannot be donated, would be nice to see changed
  • Allow platinum in a Dojo's Vault to be usable on market-items for the dojo
  • Honestly, it is time to remove the timegate on Dojo objects, it's so archaic at this point
  • Remove the need to be in the Crimson Branch to trade liches
    • If the Crimson Branch is built, it should be possible from ANY Trade Post
  • Pure Bonus Feature: Allow the Observatory the ability to display a 3D Layout of the dojo
    • Probably impossible, but would be really nice to see
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Thanks a lot for these upcoming changes!

Been building my dojo for a year now this looks interesting :D especially resource cost decrease simply because of Helminth sink I feel Im always missing resources for dojo decorating despite doing missions around like normally. I might be wrong though.

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While were looking at dojo QOL, could you maybe make it so we can actually walk through that hologram ring around the navigation console in the Observatory? It doesnt feel right for a literal hologram to be treated as a solid object. Also what about letting us polychrome the classic obstacle course?

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11 hours ago, -GrT-kostasp99 said:

thank you for working on this , dojo needs more and more attetion and clans also

more tools to the leaders to decide how to use them and i will give examples

1) dojo 3D map to know what you place and where, what is the real height of rooms and how to arrange everything, we walk and build blind now
2)being able to swap room locations and changing the dojo map entirelly to correct past mistakes and to change unwanted rooms
3)being able to change a room that is in the middle with another , having same exits if more that one room is attached
4)less decorate cost , there is no reason for a moon clan to spend 60.000k polymer for a rock. does that help the game? in reality you know that most players in a clan dont donate so help the decoration in general by reducing or ecualizing the cost for all clans. Why decoration must be hight for moon clans, i understand the research cost but why decoration?
5)one huge thing is if you could tranfer decorations from room to room or store the crafted decorations
6) no reason to delete a room to take 2 hours let us instantly delete that
7)donation log for the leaders , who donated what and when
8) member ranking system by MR and donations

and not to forget : the insane points cost ror small decorations like the mugs from cetus etc ( 5 points for 1 tiny mug is just totally insane. shouldnt cost more than 1 point )

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2 hours ago, Sean said:
  • Allow the removal of the Room Console since it isn't "needed" as it could just be part of the ESC menu
  • Enable the ability to swap the statue in the Temple of Honor

absolutely agree with that. same thoughts that been running marathons in my head for years 😅

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13 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

We are also looking at a true rebalance of Decoration Resource costs

If I had to put my two cents here, the real problem with the new decorations is that Oxium is balanced like it is a common resource. My clan has 10 million ferrite and only had 200k Oxium, but the decorations asked for 6k Ferrite and 3k Oxium EACH.

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12 hours ago, Vash said:

I'm assuming the "2 hour" figure you use is from my argument I made in a video once lmao.
Auto-funding was added, at least there is this incredibly time saving function for rooms you create now.  Perhaps we'll get a button to insta-fund a room in the future, I don't think they've forgotten about that.

Sorry, I never came across your videos, not sure who you are. Are you a warframe creator? The 2 hour figure is a somewhat exaggerated way of saying that it takes a lot of time to fund all decorations in a room because you have to do them all individually. There's also a problem of access because you need to point at a decoration to access funding menu and some decorations have janky context boxes. I spent around 150 hours designing my solo clan dojo in the last two years and at least 40 of those 150 were spent going around and funding decorations. What I'm proposing is a no brainer and an easy implementation. It would alleviate MANY frustrations. 

Upon accessing a dojo room, click the "REVIEW ALL DECORATIONS" button. System calculates how many decorations were placed and presents them to you in a list. You can choose to fund them individually or click the "FUND ALL" button.

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Can we get hollow items actually will be hollowed? This is what happens when i want swim with koi carps.


Also we need more water  and glass textures.  Seriously, with last updates we get large corpus windows in gas city and deadlock protocol, but you guys ask for Cetus decorations? We have only 1 small and dirty-scratchy window, how we can build a cool looking orbital station with it?

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This is wonderful news, it really is. As someone who loves Dojo building this is fantastic. Even some of the stuff you have mention has been a problem of mine when building. Bravo. 


P.s. Can we have some more of the Greneer green objects added, as the choice looks even smaller now that the infested and especially the corpus objects have been added of the last year.

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OMG! This sounds Amazing!❤️
The Dojos and Clans have ben a long overlooked part of the game. Cant wait for NPCs. Thank you 😍

But I do have an important question. Will the amounts already spent on Decorations placed before this update be re-inbursed? The Clan im in has already spent millions into construction. So will those owerspent resources be lost forewer?

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17 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:


Dojo QoL improvements are in the works! You’ll notice them roll out over future updates.

This QoL pass is based on player suggestions and discussions. We have scoured the forums for your feedback and assembled a group of players prominent in the Dojo decorating community. From feedback to testing, Ajingom (PC), Major_Prime (Nintendo Switch), OGKuvaSage (Xbox One), ThreeKlaw (PS4), and Vash (PC) are helping us make improvements and hunt down bugs!

These improvements focus primarily on the Dojo decorating system, but you’ll also see a few cosmetic additions. Let’s talk about the details!

Decorating Improvements

In addition to the Dojo Additions, Changes & Fixes that launched with Deimos: Arcana, these improvements and more are on the way:

  • Remove Clan Hall Ranking Order from building requirements
  • Reduce the circumference around interactive objects (drums, consoles, vaults, doors) that prevented other objects from being placed near them
  • Replace spawn rooms with a placeable spawn pad that gives players more control
  • Add a "Preview All" option for unfinished Decorations, similar to the Polychrome preview

Cosmetic Additions

We have player-suggested cosmetics on the way based on your forum discussions! Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • More Skybox options for the Open Room
  • Placeable NPCs
  • Cetus Decorations
  • Kuva Fortress Decorations

We are also looking at a true rebalance of Decoration Resource costs as demonstrated in Deimos: Arcana: "Both the new Infested and Entrati Decorations have reduced Resource costs (by 25% of how we’d normally price) that is in part of a larger Dojo QoL Update coming soon!" Stay tuned for more.

We’ll keep you posted in this thread as we prepare to implement Dojo QoL improvements, Dojo aficionados!

That's cool!
One thing i'd suggest is to try and normalize anchor points, snapping and orientation across all decorations (including orbiter). Its a nightmare to orient objects in relation to others in a decent way since they tend to have wildly varying behaviours. Best example of this is prex cards, and rest of the framed items for the orbiter. Each one seems to have a different way of snapping and orientation in regards to walls and whatnot.

Another awesome thing would be a "align to" option similar to how 3d editing software has. (like with decoration active point to another and then tap a key to align to top center, top left, bottom, etc (could use numpad on PC and one of the sticks on consoles if available).

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19 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

We have player-suggested cosmetics on the way based on your forum discussions! Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • More Skybox options for the Open Room

That's nice - is there a chance to get that for other rooms, too? The Inspiration Hall and the Observatory feature very prominent views of the skybox, it would be nice to have the same ability in those rooms as well. That would allow really setting an ambience for them and, hopefully, not too much work given that it's possible for the Open Space.

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