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On 2021-01-18 at 12:18 PM, (PSN)Dorian-Hawkmoon said:

Pretty sure the contest has gone from being a contest, to DE picks a random dojo they like to display. Last "contest" 3 Moon clans entered on PS, none were displayed. Still no word from DE on whether this is a new rule, or what exactly the goal of this is.

I promise we look at every submission carefully. It really is a pleasure to see the hard work and creativity that goes into each Dojo. I think some rules from the contest outline need to be explained in more detail here to clear up any misunderstanding.

First, the contest outline Rules for Winners explain that winners "cannot change [their] Clan tier until after [their] Clan Dojo has been featured on the Star Chart" and that "Winners who disregard these rules while their Dojo is featured will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart." The time between the winner announcement and being featured can be as long as three months. Clans who lower their Clan Tier after being announced as a winner during that time are not featured. A Moon Clan that reduces to a Storm Clan, for example, would unfortunately lose a featured spot because featuring that Dojo would not be fair to the Storm Clans whose Dojos were compared during the contest. I'm happy to say there have been very few cases of winners changing their Clan Tier in this way, but if you notice that a Moon Clan is announced as a winner in our official winner list but was not displayed, a tier change might have been a factor.

Secondly, the contest outline Rules for Submissions explains, "Please keep in mind that Clans that have never been Featured are given priority." Ghost, Shadow, and Storm Clans are by far the most submitted to Featured Dojo contests. Overall, throughout the course of Featured Dojo contests, we have seen 730 Ghost Clans entries and 138 Moon Clan entries. To account for the difference, we sometimes give a Moon Clan spot to a smaller Clan if the submitted Moon Clans have already been featured in the past while the smaller Clans have not. For the most recent Autumn 2020 Featured Dojo Contest, for example, 3 PS4 Moon Clans submitted while 14 PS4 Ghost Clans submitted. This change came into effect with the addition of Nintendo Switch Dojos and was explained during the Winter 2020 Feautred Dojo Contest winner announcement.

I hope this helps clarify. I'll make sure to review the rules as they appear in our contest outline to explain in more detail for the upcoming Winter 2021 Featured Dojo Contest.

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4 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

I hope this helps clarify.

Yes. This explaination of ruling helps make the results more fair. My friend on ps4 felt hurt that her dojo was not featured. She felt the situation was unfair because the winning dojos have only a handful of rooms decorated. Meanwhile her dojo has more than 120 rooms decorated and has the feature of encouraging and teaching players to decorate.

  • Are dojos only judged according to having the most beautiful scene/sculpture?
  • Or are other factors considered?
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I sure wasn't getting that from the rules, last I heard if there were no entries in a catagory then a smaller clan got the spot. Our clan tier did not change during the contest.  But thank you for clarifying, we won't waste our time putting together an entry in the future. 

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I love the infested chamber room we have for our dojo's now! I was wondering if we could get a whole new updated set of infested "rooms"

If you could repurpose the infested tunnels from deimos and isolation vaults area we could have new connectors just like the tenno ones with:

- x-shape

-straight shape

-T shape

- bend (left/right corner)

If you could repurpose the infested parts in the isolation vault bounties or maybe cut out some parts from inside the caves where we could have our own endocrine water pools for our dojo's, turning one of the caves into a skybox to use as a base room for our dojo's to build in or that kind of thing.

I feel with the arrival of heart of deimos expansion it gives us a chance to expand on the infested decorations and rooms dojo's could have more than we've already got. I am aware there are new infested "decorations" already, but i'd like to see more added if it is possible! I would like to envision a whole dojo in the infested theme!

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