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look can we not have anymore absurd and painful to earn things that function similar to isolation vault bounties please?

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i mean the game is already a little too platinum reliant with orokin reactors/catalysts and formas being a pain to earn at times, like increasing the amount of night creds earned per level from 15 to 20 in nightwave would help, or making them catalysts/reactors common drops on the daily sortie would be nice than, ya know... endo..... but

these are just my ideas


the real deal here is the fact theres a bit of too many things with a pain to obtain, the fact that the iso bounties really shows how you get straight up lied to with the weapon part rewards to be only at the 3rd tier bounty and not the 1st or 2nd tier bounties, and lets not even forget its even locked behind a 5% drop chance, 5% FRICKIN DROP CHANCE BEHIND NECRAMECHS LIKE THE VOIDRIGS TERRIFYING STORM SHROUD ARMOR THAT CAN ONE SHOT YOU WITHOUT ANY VISUAL WARNING AT AN INSTANT, literally thats a painful boss to fight, bonewidow necramechs are actually enjoyable because you dont face a horrible monster that does things like that plus its an actual balanced enemy, tough but at least not indestructible and can one shot you, especially something the voidrig has, which are those gravemines that send shivers down me, and to finally get something worth that nightmare to fight right? aw naw you face a 5% drop chance along with earning few resources....

and thats the point i hate soo fricking much, soo much work and very little rewards, please like i mentioned endless times before removing those wretched relics which you can earn every mission and replace them with something more worth while like the weapon parts being common rewards as an example would do nice ya know? at least its worth something than being flooded with relics, like please make the pain stop, i have enough relics to create a mansion with all the things you need, including a pool, party room, fitness training, everything, thats how much relics i have from those bounties, like please you guys and girls can do some slight tuning to make us players not suffer soo much


 like i bet a million dollars, my liver, one lung, a kidney and any other organ thats worth in the black market that if the devs started with fresh accounts AND had to go through us players point of view of grinding things out, then you'll feel our pain and tune things to be little less unrewarding,  like especially when i heard the stories of players attempting the challenge to be lucky and to grind to get octavia, harrow, khora, ivara, and a couple others like baruuk... and especially some mods with low drop chances like 0.2%, please i think there can be a better way, and i dont think whipping out a wallet would solve it, thats a bit too pay to winish, and these can be simply fixed by beefing up the drop chances by a bit like making things like the shedu have a 1% drop chance is painful, and to simply make things a bit more rewarding for the grind would be nicer than the pain of low drop chances and two step processes like necramech drop tables and isolation vault bounties 


and most esepcially i think the grind for weapons like the morgha and cortege arent worth it especially how they preform soo underwhelming to the mausolon, hell all archguns need to be buffed to be that powerful, the reason why everyone disliked archguns back in fortuna soo much was due to how they performed soo poorly, and having archguns like the mousolon is a good step to making amazing archguns, its just like i said the other two recent archguns and the previous ones need to be buffed even just by a bit, that would do nicely, well i guess?



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  • Timothy_Mark changed the title to look can we not have anymore absurd and painful to earn things that function similar to isolation vault bounties please?
9 hours ago, Timothy_Mark said:

orokin reactors/catalysts and formas being a pain to earn at times,

lolwut? sure, potatoes are rare in Sortie rewards, but getting enough Nightwave creds for one is not difficult or even that time consuming. plus invasions can occasionally give you them, and those just require 3 missions. if all else fails you can crack a couple relics, sell the parts and buy a Potato. they really aren't hard to get.

I agree with your other points though: we need a relic Kiosk where unwanted relics can be traded in for Void Traces, and yes, Iso-Vault bounties kinda suck, even more so with these new ones. low drop Chances aren't great either but DE has to do something in order to keep people playing, and that's what RNG is there for: to make sure that random luck determines how long you are invested for. you could get everything you want in a few runs, or you could be at it for weeks, most likely you'll be somewhere in the middle. I'm not sure DE know of, or are willing to attempt, any other methods of trying to keep players around. 


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