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Question regarding name change



Hi there, 


I would like to pay to change my alias however I don't want to pay the 200 Platinum if the name is already taken and can't use it. 


I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the process and can confirm when payment is actually made - before or after the fact? 


Secondly, if payment is made before the name change, and I am unable to make the name change, would I be likely to get a refund on the 200 Platinum via a support ticket?

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Hi there @Sylvexis^^

Don't worry, you won't pay 200 Platinum if the Name-Change is not succesful! 
In other words: If you try to change your name on the website and the name is already taken, this message will appear:
The name you typed in will automatically vanish. Your platinum-balance remains the same. The payment is only made after a succesful change.

Hope this helps! 

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