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yea few quest and most are just events which were limited time. kuva lich for more grind.. railjack got introduced, so lot of sh-t to do. i'll say just forget about the game unless you really want to play. or just stick to lore point of the story. that you can finish in week or two

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3 hours ago, LimZX said:

quit when the Eidolon came out. 

I've quit and come back a few times - oddly enough one of the times I left for several months was when the Eidolons came out...

  • Liches are a big deal - their kuva-weapons are power-creep beyond primed/vandal/wraith variants. You'll want a Kuva Nukor (Chaining secondary)  and the Anyanga (archgun) if nothing else - other universal front-runners are the Kuva Bramma (explody bow) and the Chakkurr (Sniperish Shotgunny rifle)
  • Railjack is the big huge expenseive multiplayer combat/mission launch ship which I love and most people hate. TBF, it's still a little bit underdevelopped, but more development has been announced.
  • You now have 3 open worlds, Eidolon for Grin-Ear, Venus for Corpus, and Deimos for Infested - the kit melee/primary/secondaries are very good if you build them right, but arguably as ugly as your sister's friend who you never considered.
  • Deimos is still brand new and introduces the Necramechs - transferrence into a tanky robot using any Archgun you choose - I'm just now developing my first one...
  • Steel Path is a thing - instead of just giving us advanced enemies, like you start getting at 30-45 minutes, they went whole-hog and ALSO multiplied thier Health and Armor (and shields?). If you have a team it's less of an issue, if you solo Steel Path is very difficult (unless you're a forum poster who swears its easy) - I do them with the one other person still in our Clan, and we've cleared 4 planets and got bored - but now they've just added alerts
  • Nora - the DJ offers weekly challenges for potatos, niatin, and misc mods and cosmetics

Not a lot of grind in any of that, IMHO, but normal amounts - Railjack is pretty bizarre-expensive, but I maxed mine out pretty quick in the end...


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