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[Spoilers] Heart of Deimos Family.


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I'm in love with every piece of story from the Entrati family. I also want to mention real quick that i am not going to reveal their real names.

I want to say why i love every character in their own way starting with:

1.Otak/Loid (Split Personality)




First, i love Otak as a character for hes very simplistic mind and somewhat strange backstory. Hes a very simple, yet intriguing character that has very neat quotes. Also amazing VO.


The other half of the shared body. Loid, has a very smart/classy personality, much like a butler would have.  Demanding and also caring at times (not for you tho, but rather cares for the well being of the family, and it somewhat uses you to help them). I can't get enough of hes VO.


Otak/Loid also have amazing dialogue between themselves which it's perfect.


2. Son


My favorite character.

The reason for that it's he feels like hes from a noble Bloodline (which he does, but that it's not the point). Despite all of that, he still finds himself worthy to serve us. He wants to make himself usefull to us after what he did and hes VO it's perfect for this.

Best, it's when you kill animals in Deimos (he talks in a higher pitched tone, while also trying not to anger us).

I seriously can't get enough of hes VO.



A character that acknowledged hes mistake and that wants to help the Tenno by providing us with Infested/Orokin weapons.

Hes actually a pretty amazing character, with an emotional side to him. He wants to redeem himself for what he did/said. He is still proud of himself, but alas, he did not like what he did and wants to help out fix the mistakes he did. And he is actually happy to see you, hoping that you would buy hes wares in order to survive the Deimos wildlife so that you could comeback.

He even has a small quote about Ballas, as a random introduction when you come to him to browse hes wares.

Amazing VO and VA overall.



A simple yet very interesting character. After what her brother did to her (IMO, not a very important thing from our eyes, but from hers..), she now wants to help all the family to preserve their individual consciousnesses before Deimos takes over them. (For those who don't know, all of the family members share a somewhat Hivemind if i'm not mistaken).



A selfish person, that on the outside only cares about herself or w/e, while on the inside, she cares a lot of the family she has.



Mother, it's somewhat an annoying person, and a extremely selfish person that makes you dislike her for being so selfish.

Despite that, HER VO it's also amazing.

I just gave simple reasons why i like/dislike the family so much.

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