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Gunblade PoE stop functioning


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Gunblades will stop the player from functioning in the Plains of Eidolon (only place I've heard of it happening), I've only seen it reported using Stropha and Redeemer Prime but assume it affects all gunblades. 


Basically when exiting transference several functions of your warframe will not be available until death (this does not include being revived or jumping in a lake you MUST die and lose a revive) 

You lose the following functions


  1. Sprint 
  2. Jump
  3. Transference
  4. Primary Fire
  5. Secondary Fire
  6. Melee Fire (gunblade)
  7. Melee Attack
  8. Archwing dash (but not archwing boost)
  9. Any combination of the above (such as bullet jumping) 
  10. Ability usage 
  11. Access to chat (can NOT use hotkeys, can access from the menu and then hovering your mouse over the chat)

It may also affect other things such as crouching or interacting with consoles/ lures but I didn't test that and don't really know how to reproduce it beyond equipping a gunblade and then exiting transference and then seemingly randomly not being able to attack or any of the other things I just listed. A fix that doesn't rely on hoping teammates don't revive me and actually read chat would be lovely if anyone has one. I assume it has something to do with using the gunblade before or during transference but I can't get the bug to consistently happen (0-2 times per day).

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