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Wrapping up 2020, looking toward 2021.

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18 hours ago, Digressive said:

The console releases are (almost) always behind PC due to the hotfixes.

If only they would have tested Deimos arcana first on....test servers.One of the "features" presented this year on tennocon was the ability to release updates on multiple platforms at the same time. 

For a patch that was on test server it has a stupid amount of bugs and we get a post that says i'm going on vacation see you next year with no timeline on what went wrong on how to avoid this kind of releases in the future. 

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On 2020-11-27 at 8:25 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Expect Lavos in a mini-update that tests out a new feature in a limited setting: Necramechs in regular missions!

Yeeey, another good news, i hate bonewidow now and playing him on open worlds is like playing "catch" with foes.

Also very happy with the next prime unvault,  Abbera Prime Syandana and Atavist Prime Armor its on my missing prime parts list!

Have a great break also happy holidays with family! (hope you'll consider warframe players as ones too) 

Take care!

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Well deserved folks. You worked your butts off to keep us entertained and, personally, I was surprised you guys pulled off as much as you did! I look forward to uncovering everything Arcana has to offer and can't wait to see the day the team can sit back on the couch together. Seriously, thank you all for giving me six years of the greatest game I've ever played...and still play! 

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