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Dojo customization additions


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I love the customization in the Clan Dojo, though i had some ideas on how to improve upon it

- No red texture blocking placement, Being able to fully merge different objects into the room mesh, or with other objects  https://prnt.sc/vt64qs

- Ability to Flip/invert model for better symmetry with building   https://prnt.sc/vt62sm

- Ability to sit down in placed furniture like benches chairs etc.

- Path finding for pets so they don't get caught on placed furniture/objects  https://prnt.sc/vt63rg

- Farm-able resources in Dojo in forms of different rooms, (fishing, Mining etc,)

- Animal sanctuary room so clan pets can play with each other and it will slowly level up pets in the sanctuary 

- A room that allows you to send resource drones(that are already in game) to gather for the Dojo

- resource drones launched from Railjack (this could be a rare mod) continue from above suggestion

- Dojo Store Fronts, Same concept as setup-shop, but with a kiosk, where you can sell mods for a certain amount of plat each

- have the ability to Restock mods/prime parts, collect platinum from above mentioned kiosk

- Billboard facing defaulting to off. so you would need to toggle that each time you place a new item


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There are a few things I would love to see if any future plans for rooms/ open spaces come about

open land- something similar to plains of eidolon, no lakes or ponds necessary. While I love the concept of open space, it isn't quite the format for some truly spectacular builds.

 A day option and a night option, since the ability to make open space darker like we can with a room is non existent.

water world- okay so that's not a great name for it, but a space of nothing but a water base to build islands on or seaside fortresses, or whatnot (don't worry, it's only a suggestion not a theme for my dojo.)

Ice kingdom open land- like Fortuna, naturally, more snow options




Wooden Planks (still a big necessity)

Better Food options to "buy" with standing ( I really could use a roasting pig for my dojo)

Dishes/Cutlery (come on, I need my entire dojo to look like Assassin's Creed Valhalla- seriously, I do)

Cobblestone appearing "flooring", base material, whatever you want to call it.

Stained Glass in different colors and shapes (yes, that's a spoiler)

Furs because I need my dojo to look like AC Valhalla

Cloth for table coverings, curtains, movie screens, whatever

the ability to make most usable objects smaller than what they go now. (To create warframe size builds, statues, people, whatever. No offense to anyone who builds and decorates dojos, but giant mech/transformers/titans/gundams, whatever you want to call them is extremely redundant and makes them all look like the same person decorated them all, I have seen some beautiful creations, but after a few it all becomes 'meh.')


Please do not take this as a slight to anyone's creations, my personal tastes are my own, just as yours are individual to you. Also, I know it takes a lot of work and dedication to create the things you do, DE. I love the game, I've been having a blast, these are merely my observations and my personal suggestions.  


Thank you for listening to my suggestion and have a fantabulous day


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Actually to add upon @(XBOX)OdinsDottir suggestion with cobblestone flooring,

It would be really nice to straight up change the texture of the dojo floors.  In my observatory i have a bunch of grass everywhere. But you can still see the plain floor through it still. Maybe add a list of textures you can replace with, ie cobblestone, grass, sand, dirt etc

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that would be a big help. No matter how many layers of grass you do, it still shows through.


I forgot dirt floors.

Pine trees ( because, you guessed it, I really would like my dojo to look like Viking era Norway)



negate all that I mentioned and give the option to change the color of the decoration. So a grineer wall, etc.  could be turned brown, or green or some other fun/relevant color.


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THe coloring option would be a huge advancement with things, it would be a giant plus with the pigments. People might spend more effort to get the pigments unlocked. This might not be too difficult in a big clan with a lot of members, but for a small clan, with only one or two people, the pigments are often forgotten. I grinded for 4 colors, and one of them is used for lighting only, in one room.

Better trees, yes, yes, yes and please consider this. Trees, stumps, logs, dead trees, oak and pine! Different foliage and stuff.

Simple stuff (if you aren't the one having to code it, I guess).

Yes, the game is futuristic, yes it is space themed, kind of, but even old sci fi movies like Silent Runnings had space labs with greenery. Think BioSphere, but in space.

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Another couple small suggestions: 

Display the angle of the object your moving/rotating (makes it much easier to make things straight and level)

Mirror Function. Pick a middle point, and it will mirror what you place down (costs twice as much since your technically placing 2 down)

Another thing. Please allow things to be placed here . more specifically grass (marked by picture) https://prnt.sc/vt5yil (wont work with insert image)

curved pillars?

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