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Getting an adarza from 2 vulpaphyla imprints?



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On 2020-11-27 at 1:31 PM, RougeMagma said:

So I revivied 2 Panzers (1 phijar, 1 adra). Created genetic imprints from them. Put 10 kavat gen. code and those imprints in the incubator for 24 hours. And I got an Adarza. What did I do wrong? Is a Panzer not guaranteed?

You mixed a vulp with a kavat and got a kavat - so far so good - your kavat is an Adarza - You win!

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6 minutes ago, d0n41dth3gr34t said:

I dont think you are supposed to make clones from the deimos companions since they are supposed to be made by the modular system in deimos. I would put in a bug report about this.

  • Enabled Imprinting and breeding for Predasites and Vulpaphyla.

    • Mutagens and Antigens are inherited through breeding, allowing pets to stack their benefits.

    • Predasites and Vulpaphyla can only be named when Gilded, so naming after hatching is skipped.

    • Predasites and Vulpaphyla can not be cross bred with non-modular pets.

    • Imprints of Predasites and Vulpaphyla can only be taken when the pet is Gilded.


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