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Obsidia, the Terminator Warframe


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Just a concept, so I might not expand upon it, but I'll edit if necessary since this is spur of the moment.



1. Plasma Optic - Stare through enemies, literally. An optical laser projects a caustic beam onto the enemy in visual focus.

2. Fuel Cell - Remove an unstable fuel cell from Obsidia's abdomen to be thrown in enemies' proximities, exploding after 1.5 seconds. Once multi-element turret is unlocked, explosion type changes to selected element.

3. Multi-element, Shoulder Turret - When Obsidia wants supplementary firepower. Swap between elemental types to passively fire at the nearest enemy.

4. Superior Firepower - Bring a reminiscent, Obsidia-exclusive LMG to the battlefield, formidably-stocked with a massive magazine and high-caliber ordinance. (at the expense of a slightly lower fire rate)

Passive: Self-Repairing Armor - When a status effect is inflicted on Obsidia, there is a 45% chance it will be ignored.


Edit #1: 3:06PM Fuel Cell altered by turret element once it is unlocked.

Edit #2: 3:12PM "Shoulder" turret

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