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Devstream: 149 Overview [11/27/2020]

(XBOX)EternalDrk Mako

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Welcome to another Devstream overview (149 per reb) 

PS5 (warframe on next gen consoles)


  • Rather than working on a feature defining railjack update with less staff in December,  the team are moving it to 2021.
  • this is for community & devs sakes as the devs need to take a break and spend time with their families for the holidays.

2020 (lavos) 

  • 2020 will be closed out with the serpentine alchemy update on pc
  •  You can expect lavos in this mini-update that tests out necramechs in normal missions




  • Sound team experiments with ghostly/ horror sounds to be implemented into the frames audio spectrum
  • DE: Travis will be doing the sounds (and get a Theremin? to be continued...) 



Devstream 150  (dec 16th 2020)



Sound team



working on audio for new corpus railjack (moa factory) 


Using household objects and tools to create new sounds


lots of explanation of how things are done and demos

(if your really curios you'd have to watch to hear all the different audio changes and tweaks, demos) 



Best regards 


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thanks as always Mako!.

I suppose the lack of major news is both a good and  a bad thing. on the one hand, It is kind of disappointing that we won't really see much more new content until the new year, but on the other it means that DE won't be making the same mistake as last time by releasing a bugfest on us and then bailing... instead it seems they released it a month before.. progress, people!

seems then that we will get Arcana on consoles and Lavos on PC, and that'll be it for warframe 2020. fingers crossed I'll be able to experience Warframe in 2021 on a brand new PS5! oh, and I hope that Necramechs in Normal missions will continue to work out, it'll make some of my least favourite modes a bit more interesting.


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3 minutes ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

Thanks for this.

What a suprise, they're pushing out yet another half-baked frame instead of working on FIXING content.

Lets be realistic. New content brings more revenue than fixing existing content. Of course new content will always be priority. 

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6 hours ago, DrivaMain said:

Lets be realistic. New content brings more revenue than fixing existing content. Of course new content will always be priority. 

Actually existing content made better, reworked, better/deeper lore, repurposed and polished can be new content thus bring the revenue. Warframe has many opportunities. New and Shines isn’t what is best for Warframe. There is enough of that. 

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