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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.5 +

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:
  • Fixed Clients losing all Necramech Affinity gained in mission after a Host Migration.

What about warframe, amps, etc affinity?

...well, according to redtext, this fix was meant to make things "tiny bit less painful", not "not painful at all". So it makes sence..


Other changes and fixes are hot <3. Ty!

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" Ability Menu "

For anyone who comes across this who uses a controller, and is having an issue with the fact you can not directly unbind the Ability Menu, go to you normal controls section, and rebind "Activate Selected Power".

This will in-directly unbind Ability Menu from the Ability Menu section, and solve all of your archwing problems.

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7 minutes ago, Andy. said:

Finally we dont need the Vaults anymore. Thanks!

Wut? I don't see any mention of that in notes...


6 minutes ago, -Francesco.pe said:

Please allow us to use Necramechs in normal missions.

See wrapping up 2020 announcement.

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I don't understand why the Arquebex projectile speed got buffed. When I think about the current state of Necramechs, I think primarily of Bonewidow and the absolutely atrocious state it's in: animation bugs with drawing Ironbride while Shield Maiden is active, the lack of any reason to cast Meathook, Shield Maiden and Firing Line simply not working, Ironbride mods not applying correctly, the model clipping into itself when crouching, the extremely long delay on ground slam attacks etc. If I had to consider Voidrig, I'd think of Necraweb Canister and Gravemines: these abilities aren't very impactful. Instead,w e get an Arquebex buff, because dealing millions of damage at rapid fire in an AOE wasn't good enough?


Edit: Also, please revert the recent switching of spacebar and eight click to hover, as this prevents Necramechs from aiming while hovering, which is both disorienting and prevents usage of Critical Focus.

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Remembered aim/hover switch
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